I Am Shauna Rae: Who Is Mark Schrankel? Wiki

Mark Schenkel is the stepfather of Shauna Rae, the cast of “I am Shauna.”

He has also made his appearance in the reality series where he portrays the role of stepfather to Shauna Rae. In addition to that, he is featured in the single episodes of the series. 

He describes himself as “Better than most lunchmeats. I am walking a sludge pile of unrealized potential.”  He often flaunts his multilingual talent as he speaks several languages including British, Dingling, Pig Latin, Gipsy language, and many more.  Moreover, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Visual communications from the art institutes in 1987. 

Shauna Rae’s biological father is Scott Lesnick. 

Mark Schrankel Age: How Old Is He?

Mark Schrankel’s age is probably between 40-45 years old, judging from his pictures. 

However, his exact age and birth date have not yet been disclosed to the public as of now. 

Mark Schrankel Wife 

Mark Schrankel is happily married to his wife Patty Schrankel. 

The couple has been married since August 17 2011 and so far no dispute has been reported. Additionally, aside from Shauna, Mark shares three more children with his wife. 

He is a father of three daughters named Rylee, Morgan, and Tara Lesnick. Further, the family currently resides in Pennsylvania, United States.

Is Mark Schrankel On Instagram? 

It appears that Mark Schrankel is not active on Instagram.

However, he is sometimes featured on his stepdaughter’s Instagram handle @thereal_shaunarae99. Having opened an account in 2020, the account has so far amassed 3757 followers. The number of followers is significantly escalating after her appearance in the reality series “I am Shauna Rae.”