Read about Iris Braydon Wikipedia, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram and 10 facts. AIris Braydon is an American actress.


Iris Braydon is an actress who has recently started acting in movies and TV series. She grew in a safe and loving environment of her parents and family.

She has always been interested and active in arts rather than only formal studies. During the school and high school life, she wrote the poet, practiced music, and dance with her heart out.

With all those talents, she chose acting as her passion and started to pursue a career in acting.

Name Iris Braydon
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Net Worth $16 Million
Instagram @irisbraydon

10 Facts on Iris Braydon

Iris Braydon is years old of age. As of Now, the actress doesn’t have her own Wikipedia bio.She stands height of 5 Feet 10 Inches tall. The details of her exact body measurements is not known. However, going through her photosshe looks average built.Iris is a High School graduate with credits in stage and acting. Besides, she is also a skilled musician and dancer.After graduation from high school, she moved to gain her further education.In University, the actress was trained improving and sharping her acting talent. She graduated with a B.F.A in Theatre from the University.She belongs to American nationality. Information relating to her ethnicity and race is unknown to date.Information relating to her eye color, hair color, shoe size and dress size is missing to date.The information about the relationships of Iris Braydon is not known thus whether she has a boyfriend or not cannot be confirmed.About the Instagram account of Iris , either she has no account or she has kept it very far from the public as the account is found. But she has 476 followers on her Twitter account.The information about earnings and net worth of Iris is not available. She might have her earnings around $100 Thousand to $300 Thousand dollars.

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