Is Dalton Harnage Dead Or Still Alive? Dalton Harnage, a Georgia citizen, is said to have died, and his family is in grief. Here’s the most recent information on Harnage’s untimely death.


Dalton Harnage was a Georgian who lived in the United States. He was a hair designer or stylist, according to his Facebook bio. He has been employed at Daltons Dolls since May 2015. Harnage is currently in the headlines after his death was announced on social media by his family.

Is Dalton Harnage Dead Or Still Alive

As a result, some individuals on the internet are inquiring about the circumstances behind his untimely death. If you’ve been following Harnage’s news on social media, you’ll know that a fundraiser has been set up for anything related to his health.

Collecting all the information from the available sources, we’ve discussed his passing in the article below.

Is Dalton Harnage Dead Or Still Alive? Update On Georgia Accident

The accident update of Georgia resident Dalton Harnage has left many people shocked and devasted. Some of his close family members and friends have paid tribute to him, from which we can get hints that he passed away.

Considering the fact given in his fundraiser, we can say that Harnage was battling with his life, and now he is no more with us. So, his sudden demise has left people on the internet curious, and they are also sharing condolence with his family through various social media platforms.

What Happened To Dalton Harnage?

Dalton Harnage was admitted to Piedmont Atlanta on August 7, 2021, due to some medical emergency, as reported by Dana Williams. Initially, he was in ICU on ventilator support, had emergency surgery on his left leg due to a circulation issue and needed numerous surgeries.

The precise details regarding his health condition were not given, but some social media users say he was involved in an accident. On the GoFundMe, updates regarding his condition were provided frequently.

Dalton Harnage Accident
Dalton Harnage was a makeup artist.

The last update was given on October 2, 2021, where we can see that Harnage was working with home physical therapy and getting mobility back in his foot and ankle. After that, they have not given any updates on the fundraiser, but some people on Facebook have paid tribute to Harnage, which has left everyone shocked.

Obituary: Dalton Harnage Passed Away

The family of Dalton Harnage is yet to release the official obituary, but from some Facebook posts, we can say that he passed away. The actual death cause is unknown to us as none of his family members has hinted about this topic.

So, they must keep it private and do not wants to reveal everything to the media. Also, they are devasted by the loss of their beloved family member.


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