What Happened To Maurielle Lue Hair- Does She Wear A Wig?

Maurielle Lue hairs are just fine; however, she might have slightly shortened her hair after suffering from COVID.

She enjoys asking about her hairstyle with her fans from social media and doesn”t seem to be wearing a wig.

Maurielle was confident she’d be able to beat the virus, but endless doctor’s appointments were a small price to pay to return from isolation.

Lue didn’t initially experience to emerge, but that rosy perspective soon wilted six weeks after her recovery began.

Maurielle’s brain fog started, and she began forgetting things and used charts and notes to help jog her memory. 

The Covid days for Maurielle were laborious, but the self-proclaimed queen of sugar then lost her appetite and had zero sense of taste or smell.

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Is Maurielle Lue Fox 2 Anchor Fired?

Maurielle Lue is not fired and still working on different projects in Television. 

According to Lue’s Twitter account, she is Emmy Award Winner, AM Anchor & TV Host #TheNine & #LetItRip WKND -Fox 2 News. It gives us clarity that she is still working with FOX 2. 

She admires the people who can devote several months to a single project, but she also enjoys the element of surprise.

One day Lue is interviewing a prominent politician about policy that will shape our great nation; the next day, she hugs a porcupine. 

Who Is Maurielle Lue Husband?

Maurielle Lue doesn’t have a husband yet. There is no information about Maurielle’s relationship details.

Lue says that it can be challenging to find the balance in a profession where people are expected to be well-versed on all topics. 

That might be the reason she has put all her efforts to grow her career. 

How Rich Is Maurielle Lue? Net Worth Explored

Maurielle Lue’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million. She has been working on different news channels in the FOX news network.

Her primary source of income is anchoring; however, she is seen working on different platforms, which will help her amass more wealth.

Lue, who has been with FOX 2 for around a decade, is an Emmy Award-winning reporter.

Lue started feeling very sick last with chills, fever and sweating, which resulted in Covid.