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Is Miss Universe Andrea Meza Married?

Photocredits: Benjamin Askinas

Known by her full name as Alma Andrea Meza Carmona, this Mexican fashion model and beauty pageant was crowned the winner of Miss Universe 2020. The 26-year-old Mexican software engineer who hails from Chihuahua City beat 73 other contestants to get the number one spot.  The one thing you cannot take away from her is her beauty, boldness and elegance.

However, soon after being crowned miss universe, rumours started spreading that Andrea Meza is married. As you all know, the number one rule in pageantry demands that contestants are unmarried. If this allegation is true, it means Andrea Meza cheated her way through and could possibly be stripped of her title.

People who believe that Andrea Meza is married point to a picture she posted on her Instagram page where she is seen in a wedding gown, posing with a man believed to be her husband, on a cliff top.

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Those pushing the rumour believe that the picture was taken when the beauty peagant got married.

But according to a post on Insider, Andrea Meza refuted this allegation, calling it ‘far from the truth’. Andrea Meza is reported to have said, “Its funny because the guy with me, he’s the youngest brother of one of my best friends” “he is 21. He’s just a kid. And its funny because everyone is taking it serious.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post

According another source, Andrea Meza before worked as the official tourism brand ambassador for Chihuahua City. As part of her job, she is shine’s spotligt on tourist attraction sites in the city.  Accordin to Meza, the tourism office thought it worthwhile for her to stage a fake wedding photoshoot to promote Copper Canyon, a series of Canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, which are known for their hiking potential.

Meanwhile both the man seen in the instagram with Meza, Jorge Saenz and spokesperson for Meza have come out to dispel the rumours.


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