Though J Rey Soul ethnicity is Blasian, her nationality is 100% Filipino.

Soul is the youngest and newest member of the Black Eyed Peas. She has been active in the music industry since 2013 and became a Black Eyed Peas member in 2020.

Furthermore, she shares similarities with one of the band members, Allen Pineda Lindo: her Filipino background.

J Rey Soul Ethnicity & Nationality – Is She Filipino?

J Rey Soul ethnicity is a mix of Filipino and African-American.

This explains the Blasian beauty of J Rey Soul aka Jessica Reynoso. Apparently, her mother is from the Phillipines. On the other hand, the singer inherits her African-American genes from her father’s side.

Likewise, J Rey Soul is of Filipino nationality.

J Rey Soul is from Laguna, the Phillipines. Despite having multiple backgrounds, Soul calls herself a Filipino and she is very proud of her heritage.

On other hand, J Rey Soul’s parents are not together anymore. It is reported that J Rey Soul has never met her dad or anyone from his family side.

Furthermore, the singer is currently living with her adoptive family. But, she has travelled around the world to perform her songs.

Learn About J Rey Soul Wikipedia

J Rey Soul doesn’t have a Wikipedia biodata right now.

Soul first came into public attention after appearing in the reality show “The Voice of the Philippines”. In fact, she was so skilled in her vocals that Black Eyed Peas member, Allen Pineda Lindo, took her to his mentorship.

However, Rey got eliminated in the 28th episode of the show. She was just one step away from the semifinals. Nevertheless, Allen already had bigger plans for her.

In 2019, Lindo invited Jessica to perform at the Black Eye Peas concert. In 2020, Soul even voiced the song “Mamacita” for the band.

Eventually, J Rey became an official member of the group in 2020. She replaced the long-term member, Fergie, who apparently left the band to focus her attention on her family.

J Rey Soul Age: How Old is She?

Singer J Rey Soul age is just 22 years old.

She celebrates her birthday on September 21 each year. Likewise, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

It is estimated that J Rey Soul is now part of Black Eye Peas net worth of $68 million USD. The band is one of the most successful and richest musical groups in the world.

With her new journey, Jessica’s own personal wealth will doubtlessly increase massively in near future.

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