Phil Dunster is a famous British actor and is famed for his role in the drama series Strike Back.

Phils is also well known for his characters in the science fiction series Humans as Tristan, Jamie Cole in the comedy-drama series The Trouble With Maggie Cole, and Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso according to his Wikipedia.

What Happened To Phil Dunster’s (Jamie Tartt) Eyebrow?

Phil desires to be presented as a bad boy persona, and teenagers are inspired by his unique look.

The TV star appears with a racing strive shaved into his right eyebrow in his Led Lasso season 2. He also mentioned that he is living out his teenage dream in that hairstyle and eyebrow.

Likewise, Phil is the one who gave ideas to his makeup artist Nicky Austin to make a new hairstyle and eyebrow for Tarrt’s new appearance.

In one of the interviews, Dunster also stated that when he asked about the shaved eyebrow, his mother was not quite happy about it and refused him to do so.

Theeyebrow slitis the signature look for Jamie Tartt in season 2 of Ted Lasso. And he thinks it’s a pervasive look for a lot of footballers across the world.

Are The Frosted Eyebrows For Phil Dunster Character Jamie Tartt Detail?

Phil played thecharacterof Jamie Tartt in the first season of Ted Lasso as a bad boy who failed miserably.

So Dunster thinks about changing his look completely and says he is living his teenage dream. The frosted eyebrows are the strange fashion and style of footballers that goes around the time.

The character of the bad boy in Phil’s impression was to be more like slit eyebrows, changing hairstyles and dresses. Moreover, Jamie wanted to set a hallmark for what the young people think about bad boys and their appearance.

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt On Ted Lasso

Phil plays the role of a well-known footballer, Jamie Tartt, on Ted Lasso.

The artist has never imagined that character previously and imagined him playing the role of a footballer. In season one of Ted Lasso, Jamie was introduced as an egoistic player with a loud voice in a Mancunian accent, which the audience did not praise.

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However, in season 2 of Ted Lasso, the audiences praised the work of Phil and his bad boy look on screen. The viewers clearly understood the character of anxious Jamie, and at the end of season 2, Jamie assaulted his alcoholic father and was clasped by Kent.

So his character became clear, and his role on the journey of self-realization continues in season three.

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