On August 5, 1987, Joyce Aparo’s dead body was found under a highway underpass, shocking the locals of Bernardston, Massachusetts.


Even though the deceased was a native of Glastonbury, Connecticut, a community about 65 miles away, the police quickly learned that their first suspicions of abduction were unfounded.

The gruesome murder is detailed in “The Perfect Murder: Mother Dear” on Inquiry Discovery, revealing how the police inquiry quickly took them very close to home.

Learn about Joyce Aparo’s Murder Timeline

For Joyce, everything in life was beautiful, and everyone who knew her praised her for being kind and helpful.

In addition, Joyce had high expectations for herself and her daughter Karin, an exceptional violinist and a clever student. But unfortunately, Joyce was murdered at the startlingly young age of 47, and the announcement of her tragic passing is still challenging for people to absorb.

First responders raced to the scene as soon as law enforcement officials were alerted to the presence of a body under a highway overpass in Bernardston, Massachusetts.

At first appearance, the 47-year-old appeared asphyxiated, but an examination quickly revealed that Joyce had been strangled to death with a pair of pantyhose by the murderer.

She was still wearing a nightgown, which suggests that she had already been dead before being abandoned in Bernardston.


Joyce Aparo Case Update: What happened?

Joyce’s daughter Karin appeared absolutely saddened when she learned of her mother’s passing. But neither the victim’s daughter nor any other friends knew why somebody would wish to hurt Joyce in such a weird way.

Sadly, due to a lack of evidence and witnesses, the first inquiry proved difficult. But, intriguingly, when Karin sent the police a note from her lover, Dennis Coleman, in which he referred to her as his “dream girl” and said he would “perform the deed,” the police appeared to make progress.

Detectives immediately started investigating Dennis as a potential suspect since this letter appeared rather suspicious.

Unexpectedly, after being detained by the police and interrogated, Dennis broke down and admitted to his part in the murder. Dennis confessed but also stated that Karin had forced him to murder her mom.

Where Are Karin Aparo And Gavin Smith Today?

Dennis Coleman was presented in court and entered a plea of guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit murder, earning him a 34-year jail sentence in 1989.

On the other hand, Karin entered a not guilty plea in court despite being accused of conspiring to commit murder and being an accomplice to the crime.

Dennis testified against Karin during her trial, but in the end, in 1990, the victim’s daughter was cleared of the accessory accusation.

The jury was deadlocked on the conspiracy allegation, and the judge ruled that a mistrial had occurred. According to reports, Dennis was freed from prison in 2012; nonetheless, he and Karin wish to maintain a low profile.

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