Kevin O’Neill, an English comic book illustrator famed for co-creating the co-creator of Nemesis the Warlock, Marshal Law (with writer Pat Mills), and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (with Alan Moore) has died.


Kevin was born on 22 August 1953 and died in November 2022 at age 69.

Was Kevin O’Neill married? Though Kevin was in the spotlight for much of his career, he didn’t discuss his relationship status so it is not known if he was married.

Though the exact illness wasn’t revealed, it has been reported that Kevin died after battling a long illness.


Kevin began publishing as a side project in 1975 and he came up with Just Imagine: The Journal of Film and Television Special Effects which lasted five regular issues and one special issue through 1978.

He began working as a colourist on Disney comics reprints and British children’s comics such as Monster Fun and Whizzer and Chips in 1976.

O’Neill enjoyed a pretty long career in the British comics scene and frequently collaborated with Pat Mills on popular stories like Nemesis and Warlock.

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