Lucas Moura’s name has come forward as one of the suspects behind the recent rape allegations that have hit the football world.


As the whole football players, teams, and fans are preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the rape news has left dumbstruck everyone.

Daily Mail U.K.writes that the rape occurred in June 2022, and the accused player got arrested on July 3.

Right now, the football universe has set on fire ahead of the great preparations for leagues and, most importantly, the World Cup.

Is Lucas Moura Arrested?

Lucas Moura’s name has come forward as he could be the rapist since he fits the description of the accused.

The Tottenham winger’s current arrest status is yet to be confirmed as the accused was arrested from his mansion at 3 a.m. on July 4.

Moura seems active on his social media, whileThe Sunwrites that the accused is still under police custody. Likewise, the well-known rape-accused footballer spent at least 15 hours being quizzed by detectives.

Thus, rest assured that the rape perpetrator is now under the watchful eye of the law; however, it is yet to be confirmed whether that man is Moura or not.

The identity of the Premier League footballer is currently sealed due to legal reasons.

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Follow Up On The Premier League Footballer Lucas Moura And The Rape Allegations

Lucas Moura has become a key suspect in the ongoing rape allegations since the victim’s statement primarily supports that he could be the rapist.

According to the U.K. police, the rape victim is a woman in her 20s. She sought the police’s help and gave all the proof, including pictures of her bruising.

Her culprit is a Premier League footballer in his 20s, and the horrendous incident happened during her sunshine break last month.

After being raped, the victim fled the five-star resort and flew back home to her friends and family in the U.K. As the police received the details, six police cars swooped in the ace footballer’s lavish mansion in North London, as perThe Sun.

The footballer was sleeping that night when the police arrested him at 3 a.m. As the accused player was due to be on a pre-season tour, he will not be traveling now due to the rape charges.

The football fans are enraged at the news and are hoping for severe punishment despite the accused’s popularity and impressive stance on the field.

Social media, including Twitter, have gone on fire with the netizens discussing cracking down on the identity of the accused.

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Where Is Lucas Moura Now?

Lucas Moura is currently in London, where he has settled down with his wife, Laura, and their two kids.

The Brazilian decided to adopt London as his second home due to his playing terms with Tottenham Hotspur.

With his residence in London, Moura has been able to maintain his playing hours and connect to his team.

Meanwhile, he also flies to his home country time and again to see his family and tends to represent Brazil on international grounds whenever the time comes.

Moura will be a part of the Brazilian national football team participating in the FIFA World Cup later this year.

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