Elizabeth Stewart is a famous American stylist who appeared in red carpet and brand collaborations.


She worked as the glamour icon for twelve years in the style department of New York Times Magazine and another decade at WWD and W Magazine.

The fashion editor also worked with Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, and Jessica Chastain. Besides, she also worked with Gal Gadot and Rebel Wilson, who appeared in Red Carpet.

The screenwriter also worked as a designer for campaigns like Loreal, Tiffany and Co, Smartwater, Givenchy Perfume, and Guess.

Who Is Elizabeth Stewart? She is Baratunde Thurston’s Wife

Thurston’s wife is a well-known charismatic beauty who worked for various magazines, appeared in fashion shows, and worked for different glamour companies.

The celebrity stylist is the wife of American Comedian Baratunde Thurston, who got married on February 14, 2014, and lives in California.

Baratunde is the most prominent American writer who wrote the book “How To Be Black,” which had contents that speak for all black people. Besides, he is also a comedian and commentator, according to Wikipedia.

He also co-founded the black political blog Jack and Jill politics.

Age Gap between Baratunde Thurston and Elizabeth Stewart

There is not much age gap between Elizabeth and Baratunde. He was born on September 11, 1977, whereas his wife was born in the same year as her husband.

The famous pair are having a good time and enjoying their married life. In addition, back in 2021, Baratunde posted a status on his Facebook page about celebrating their love. However, they could not show the party to the COVID and had to postpone their plans.

What Are Baratunde Thurston And His Wife’s Net Worth?

Baratunde Thurston has a net worth of approximately $1.9 million as per the record of 2022.

The famous entrepreneur earns around $400,000 per year. He makes almost all his income as an autobiographer and by hosting.

Baratunde is in 146 number in the ranking list of the most popular Autobiographer. America Outdoors is hosted by the cultural activist Baratunde, an executive producer.

The series is about the outdoors and people. In addition, it is all about traditions and adaptations, preservations, and exploitation. Through his snoopy and easy-going style, he visits different places, talks to people about the places, and represents those stories in his series.

Baratunde is in 146 number in the ranking list of the most popular Autobiographer.

Elizabeth also has a net worth of around $1.2 million. She gets all her money from her acting career and as a writer.

Ethnicity And Family Background Of Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde was born in Washington DC, holds American citizenship, and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

Thurston’s father got murdered when he was young, and his mother used to work in the office of the comptroller of the currency.

Later, he and his mom moved to a suburban black neighborhood in Maryland along with his elder sister. Thurston completed his graduation from Harvard University, which was only possible after they moved to Maryland.

Baratunde especially likes to keep his personal life more private.

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