Tokyo Jetz was recently spotted cheering for her boyfriend Dalvin Cook in a preseason game, wearing his jersey to show her support. Keep reading the article below till the end to know more about them. 

Dalvin Cook had a fantastic season last year, putting him in a great position this year.

With such a supportive girlfriend by his side, it appears that there is only one way for him to go, and that is up.

Who Is Tokyo Jetz Dalvin Cook Wife Or Girlfriend?

Tokyo Jetz, born on October 26, 1994, is an American rapper best known for her hit single No Problem.

She was born in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Her real name is Shauntrell Pender, but she goes by Tokyo Jetz. The reason for the unusual name is due to two factors.

Tokyo is derived from her Asian-like eyes, and Jetz is the name of one of her favorite artists, Curren$y’s song.

Tokyo became famous after uploading a series of freestyle rap videos she recorded in her car.

Dalvin Cook – The Victim Of Domestic Abuse And Extortion

On Tuesday night, a strange story emerged out of nowhere.

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook is the victim of domestic abuse and extortion; there’s pending litigation, according to his agent Zac Hiller, tweeted Adam Schefter of

Someone broke into Cook’s house illegally about a year ago.

The perpetrator, a female sergeant in the United States military, attacked Cook in his home while he had a guest present.

The invader then allegedly tried to extort millions of dollars from Cook, claiming that she was injured during the reportedly initiated attack.

Dalvin Cook contends that he’s the victim of domestic abuse and extortion.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) November 10, 2021

Cook had the right to defend himself because she allegedly broke into his house illegally, as authorized by the Minnesota’s version of the Castle Doctrine.

According to Hiller, litigation has not yet begun, but it is in the process of being initiated.

Still, there have been no criminal charges filed to date in connection with the incident.

Keep a close eye out for updates on this developing story. We will update you on this case if we get more information regarding it. 

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