Naomi Ekperigin Gender – Is She Transgender Or Biological Female?

Naomi Ekperigin doesn’t seem to be transgender, rather a biological female.

Reportedly, she is married to her husband, Andy Beckerman. Her spouse is a comedy writer who has been writing since 2009. He currently writes a pilot for CBS Studios and develops a show with Pretty Matches Productions. A former philosophy professor, he hosts Couples Therapy Podcast and Beginnings.

Despite Naomi being married, transgender rumors persist. It seems her appearance, support for the lives of trans life, and her take on the Channel 4 show Feel Good, starring Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie, are the reasons. During an interview with Vulture, she discussed why she loved the British comedy-drama television program. 

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The real-life of the show’s writer is the basis for the show. Feel Good is full of comedy aspects while dealing with heavy topics like addiction, coming out, gender dysphoria, and codependency. 

Accusations of Naomi being transgender seems like a bit of a stretch. There isn’t any evidence on the matter. 

She once gave her thoughts on sexism in an interview. She talked about why women of color lacked in the comedy field and double standards. Overall, she showed great support towards females. 

Naomi Ekperigin Age And Height

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Naomi Ekperigin’s age is 38 years.

She was born on 7 December 1983 in Harlem, New York. Although the identity of her parents remains unknown, her father is from Nigeria, and her mother is from Detroit. A Dalton School attendee, she graduated from Wesleyan University in 2005. She began her venture in comedy from college at an improv group.

As for Naomi’s height, she seems to be average in that aspect, standing tall at about 5 feet 4 inches. Nevertheless, it may vary as she hasn’t disclosed her official data.