Hollywood has seen its fair share of fairy tales and Nick and Priyanka’s relationship and the age difference wasn’t left out on the list. The two got married on the 1st of December, 2018 after what seems to be a relationship that started off from social media.


Both Nick and Priyanka have confirmed during an interview with Vogue that Nick sent her a DM which read “I am hearing from few mutual friends that we should meet” and she replies days later with; “My Term can read this, why don’t you just text me”. But before then Nick had already sent a text to a mutual friend who was co-star’s with Priyanka in the movie “Quantico” saying; “Priyanka is Wow”


The pair seems to be doing just fine and just celebrated their 3rd anniversary. These two love birds were seen in a recent Instagram post by @priyankachopra on Monday showing the couple sunbathing by a pool with Nick holding a fork and knife eating on the wife’s butt with the caption “Snack” with the heart emoji and later followed with a black on red bikini shot which saw her husband Nick commenting “Yummy”.

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