NLE Choppa has worked hard to make a name for himself in the field of rapping. However, a video of him wandering at the airport, which subsequently ended up in a fist-fight went viral on January 17.


A clip shared by The Neighborhood Talk shows a man believed to be Bryson walking through the terminal while a man was filming him. The individual asks,

“Are you NLE? I asked you mad times. What? Stop playing with me.”

The camera falls to the ground at this point while both men start fighting. Although the screen is black, the sound of screaming and sneakers can be heard.

The man who seemingly fought Choppa appears on the screen and someone says off-camera, “He just beat NLE Choppa’s a** [laughs].” The man then says,

“Hey yo. Yeah, I just knocked out NLE Choppa. He’s a f****ing b**ch. F**k, n-gga.”

The Neighborhood Talk acquired a few screenshots of a deleted tweet where the artist claimed to have slipped after he threw the first jab.


Contrary to the claims being made, the individual did not knock out Bryson as he slipped. However, he was immediately back on his feet as he walked towards the NBA fan, who then ran away.

Meanwhile, another video shows that Bryson punched first before he slipped. The Shotta Flow singer’s brawl video soon went viral over the internet and Choppa’s name was trending on social media.

Internet reacts to NLE Choppa’s fight at the airport

While news of the Memphis, Tennessee native’s airport fight was trending everywhere, people reacted towards the incident in their own way on Twitter.

Social media users also claimed that the the man who approached Choppa has been an NBA YoungBoy fan since he was throwing up NBA’s 4KT hand sign.

It is not weird for a fan to jump into a fight between two rappers. Both men seem to have fought over NLE Choppa’s ex-partner Mariah, who was previously with NBA YoungBoy.

Although they have not publicly addressed each other, the rappers do not appear to be fans of each other despite a few suggesting that their music style is the same.

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