Obituary: Attorney Dee Wampler passed away on Thursday at the St. Louis Ritz Carlton. Let us learn more about him including his death cause, age, and wiki details.


Dee Wampler was a defense attorney and former Greene County prosecutor. He was first elected as a prosecuting attorney in Greene County in 1971.

In addition to that, Wampler published several editions of the Criminal Law Handbook and the Missouri Criminal Law Handbook. Furthermore, his works had been featured in legal journals and law enforcement publications.

Obituary: Dee Wampler Death Cause Revealed

Dee Wampler died on the 7th of October 2021 at 81. According to John Scroggins, a publicist for his law firm, Wampler was in St. Louis Carlton where he passed away in his sleep.

The cause of his death has yet to be revealed. An official obituary has yet to be released regarding his death.

The attorney had appeared in the court this week for a first-degree murder case and spoke to reporters about the case. His sudden death has shocked many including his colleagues and friends.

Dee Wampler Age And Wiki Details

Dee Wampler’s age was 81 years old.


Born in 1940, Wampler started practicing criminal law in 1966. Although he was hired as an assistant prosecutor in Greene County, he later campaigned for a prosecuting attorney and was elected in 1971.

Attorney Wampler was never featured in Wikipedia. However, he surely deserved to have his page for his contribution to the judiciary system. We can find his short bio on his official website.

We might see him featured on Wikipedia soon for his amazing career as a criminal attorney. We hope to update it soon.

Find Out Dee Wampler Net Worth

Dee Wampler’s net worth is unknown as of now.

The attorney had not revealed his net worth or any details related to his income. However, being of the best criminal defense attorney in the region, he must have made good money from his long career. His success rate in and out of Arkansas and Missouri earns him the title of one of the best criminal defense attorneys.

According to the Court documents, Wampler charged his clients at an hourly rate of $400 an hour for his services. With over 50 years of experience in the courtroom, he was one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in the region.  Therefore, he must have had a huge net worth.

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