Is Cam Newton, a well-known football player, gay? Perhaps not, provided that he is already the father of seven children.

Cam Newton is one of the coolest players on and off the field, whether it’s through his social media writing style or the cool outfits he wears.

He has earned a nickname of “the Supercam” for his impressive playing style. 

He’s a big, strong quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, who can be effective in both the passing and running games.

Is Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Gay? Sexuality Revealed

Pathers famed Quarterback Cam Newton’s sexuality is the most searched question right now as rumors of him being gay spread. 

Following his post on Instagram, where he quoted the poem from Jay Z’snow-famous mother, Gloria Carter, “Living In The Shadows”, the news started to circulate.  

The rumors have spread on the internet claiming that the NFL star has allegedly come out of the shadow. 

Since no clue for his post has been given, he might just be a fan of Jay’s songs or is actually relating to the song. 

Many online comments from fans suggest that he was attempting to come out as gay. However, he has not responded to any of the rumor that has started, yet.

In addition, during a committee hearing on HB35, Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) stated that Newton is “gay.”

However, besides his eye-popping fashion, there is nothing more that will lead to many trolls questioning his sexuality. But most people are doing so to mock him. 

Given that he is a father to a total of 7 children from his all-time relationship, he cannot be gay. 

Cam Newton: talented, upstanding citizen well liked by all, vaccinated, acts gay but is straight, blackballed by NFL

Aaron Fraudgers: talented, weird anti-social, not vaccinated and lied about it, acts straight but is gay, employed and featured in many television commercials

— Votto (@VottoPlantEmoji) November 5, 2021

Is La Reina Shaw Cam Newton’s Wife Or Girlfriend?

La Reina Shaw is the long-term girlfriend of the football player, Cam Newton. Though Reina recently gave birth to Newton’s baby, named Caesar on July 5, 2019, the married has not tied a knot and taken a sacred vow. 

Reina is an Instagram model who rose to prominence after it was revealed that she had given birth to Newton’s baby. She currently resides in Atlanta with her children and mom.

She also has another child named, “Jaden Amarrio” from her past relationship.

Talking about her educational background, she attended the University of Maryland and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned a degree in design and communications.

Soon after, La Reina began her professional career and established her own swimwear collection called XVIII SWIM. However, she sold the business and is currently working as a model. 

Cam Newton Sexuality Rumors Doesn’t Seem To Halt Anytime Soon

The rumor about his sexuality will keep on circulating in this manner unless Cam Newton responds or make an announcement on that matter.

His silence is causing the case to drag on. In today’s world, there is nothing to be afraid of when accepting one’s own identity. Many artists and athletes have come out as gay or lesbian, accepting themselves for who they are and living happily as a result.

So, if that’s the case, we encourage Cam to be proud of himself and move on with it.

But we doubt it, given that he has been in relationships with a number of women in his life, including the mother of his son, La Reina. 

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