Facts of Peter Manning

Full Name Peter Manning
First Name Peter
Last Name Manning
Profession Celebrity Ex-husband
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
No Of Children 1

Peter Manning is the ex-husband of Australian journalist and documentary-maker Jenny Brockie. There is not much information about him, though.


Jenny is a popular and successful journalist and also works as a documentary maker. She has worked in this field for a long time. 

She has currently retired from Insight on SBS TV after working for two decades. She was born in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia. So, she is an Australian by nationality. 

She later moved to Sydney with her mother and lived there. She completed her studies and graduated from Macquarie University. She then began her career in ABC television and radio news.

Marriage and Children

Peter was married to his long-time girlfriend, Jenny Brockie. They also had a daughter together named Thea Brockie. But the marriage didn’t last, and the couple separated their ways.

Peter has a daughter named Thea Brockie with his ex-wife Jenny. She is their only child.

Thea is 31 years old now and works as a primary school teacher in Australia. She is married and also has a daughter. She is close to her mother.

Reason for divorce

The reason why the couple separated is not known as they want to keep their personal life out of the public eyes and maintain the privacy of their decisions.

Jenny also doesn’t talk about her past relationship with her husband but doesn’t hesitate to talk about her daughter and granddaughter.


Jenny’s fathers’ death

Jenny‘s father died when she was just four years old. He died due to a fractured skull after he was thrown from a horse. 

He was recovering from the accident when he met another horrible incident. He had a minor car accident and couldn’t survive this time.


Peter and Jenny have a granddaughter named Matilda. She was born in 2020. She already has a close relation with her grandmother, Jenny, which can be clearly seen in her social media accounts. 

It can be seen that Jenny loves her granddaughter very much, and she was also very excited about her birth. She posted a picture of her and her daughter announcing her granddaughter’s birth the day she was born. 

Net Worth

Peter‘s net worth is not known, and the work he does is also not known.

Jenny‘s exact net worth is unknown, but she does earn a pretty good amount of money. Her salary is from $71K – $78K per annum. She has had a long successful career. 

She had started from a very basic journalist job, and now she is considered a legend in her field and is a very well-known name. 

She first started in the ABC television and radio news as a broadcaster. She had a morning radio show, and she also had her series of speaking personally on ABC television. 

She has worked with clients who are considered significant such as the Australian Institute of Architect, GHD engineering, Macfarlane Burnet Institute for medical research, Gold coast city council, Urban design conference, and public health. 

With time she has been one of the highest demanded interviewer, facilitator, and speaker. 

Jenny also appeared in a documentary called ‘Cop It Sweet.’ She retired recently from Insight in SBS TV after working for two decades there. 


The age of Peter is not known precisely, but he indeed is above 50 years old.The age Jenny is 67 years old. She was born in 1954.

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