Who Is Terence Romero Wife Beatrice Pia White? Photos Exposed

Beatrice Pia White is popularly known as the ex-wife of Terence Romero, a Filipino basketball player.

As per sources, Terrence Romero was secretly married to Pia White for a few years before officially announcing their marriage for the first time in April 2017.

Their marriage was held in a private wedding ceremony in the presence of their close friends. Later, the couple got separated due to some personal reasons.

Until now, the wedding photographs of Terence Romero and Beatrice Pia White haven”t been disclosed. They haven’t shared any pictures of their wedding in the public so far.

Beatrice Pia White Arrestment – What Was She Arrested For?

At present, the news of Beatrice Pia White’s arrestment is spreading all over the internet. According to ABS-CBN News, the former wife of Terrence Romeo got arrested being accused of using fake names to scam people.

The complainants charged against Beatrice Pia White ware filed for her fraud activities. As per PNP HPG, she was arrested under the complainants of technical carnapping as she failed to return cars of its original owners.

Beatrice Pia White and her associate friend named Efcel Reyes are now under the custody of the authorities. There  were arrested in an entrapment operation by the reporting officers on 8 January 2022.

Updates On PBA Player Wife Beatrice Pia White Charges

Beatrice Pia White is charged under Art. 294 (Robbery/Extortion) of RPC and Section 4 of R.A. 10883 for demanding P80,000 from a car owner to return his/her vehicle.

In addition to that, Beatrice Pia White is sentenced with Art 178 for using a fictitious names and concealing the true name of RPC.

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On the other hand, her accomplice Efcel Reyes is charged for violation of Art. 294 of RPC and Section 4 of R.A 10883.