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Hilary Swank, the acclaimed actress, has recently announced the birth of her twins at the age of almost 50, bringing joy and excitement to her and her husband, Philip Schneider. Swank, who previously shared her pregnancy news on Good Morning America last October, appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan on US television to further discuss her growing family. The Oscar-winning actress described the birth of her twins, a girl and a boy, as a “total miracle,” and during her interview with hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Swank revealed that twins run in both her family and her husband’s, adding an extra layer of joy to their growing family.


Swank and Philip, who got engaged during a private moment in 2016 while on holiday in Colorado, have been discreet about their betrothal, witnessed only by Swank’s beloved dogs.

The Audience’s Mixed Reactions

Hilary’s news garnered a mix of reactions. While many well-wishers expressed their joy and anticipation for updates on this new chapter in the couple’s life, there were also some naysayers who criticized the actress and her husband.

Sharon Stone shared her blessings and her joy for the couple, reassuring Swank that this will be “the most extraordinary journey ever”, while Katie Couric also expressed her great delight, remarking: “What a gift… or gifts!” Other fans also congratulated Hilary, expressing their happiness and admiration for her growing family, while congratulating the couple, describing their kids as gifts from God, and Swank as “a very lucky mother!”

However, there were also those who criticized Hilary and her husband for their decision, citing concerns about the age of the parents. One comment specifically highlighted the perceived irresponsibility of having children at an older age, accusing them of fulfilling “some inner selfish desire for children” and predicting that by the time the twins are in their 20s, both parents would be in a nursing home or deceased.

As with any news, opinions varied, but what matters most is that the parents themselves are happy with their new family, as Swank and her husband are likely focusing on the joy and blessings of their new additions. Only time will tell how Hilary and Philip will embrace parenthood and navigate any challenges that may come their way.


The fact is, as long as the kids are well taken care of and given the proper love and attention, that’s all that matters. The age at which women have children should be something people worry less about. In a time where the world is going through a global recession, money is something which should be more of a deciding factor. In the case of Swank, this is no problem at all, needless to say. But, for those who are living from month to month, simply making ends meet, it’s an entirely different story.

Yeah, there are hundreds of ways to make money – even playing online slots with exclusive no deposit bonuses attached to them may see you make a quick buck – if you’re lucky. With all this said, though, having kids is no walk in the park – it takes its toll on a person’s life physically, emotionally and, of course, financially. Of course, there are also the priceless moments which Swank herself is just discovering…

A Case Against Double Standards

It’s sad that the criticism was solely targeted at Hilary Swank. Let’s be clear; we believe that it’s no one’s business to comment about the couple’s private decisions. They didn’t ask for anyone’s advice or opinion. However, this situation is a textbook example of the deep-rooted patriarchy that still exists in our society, and it’s not just men who are to blame. Women can be their own worst enemies too at times.

It’s alarming to see that famous men who have younger wives and become fathers in their late 40s or 50s are rarely met with similar mass disapproval. Take, for instance, Karl Stefanovic, who had his fourth child at 46 – no one called him “selfish.” Similarly, radio host Kyle Sandilands became a father at 50 and faced no criticism. The list of older famous fathers goes on, including Steve Martin, Michael Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Robert De Niro, Hugh Grant, Bruce Willis, and Alec Baldwin, who all had children in their 50s, 60s, or even 70s. Yet, their late fatherhood rarely garners headlines or sparks controversy. Women, on the other hand, are often put under the lens for having children later in life.

This double standard is plain unfair and unjust. It’s high time we treat women like Hilary Swank, who decided to become a mother at 48, with the same respect that we afford to older fathers. After all, if men can be commended for becoming parents at an older age without facing criticism, aren’t women also entitled to the same level of acknowledgment and societal acceptance?

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