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Robb Elementary School Shooting Wiki, Salvador Rolando Ramos fired shots

Robb Elementary School Shooting – A tragic shootout happened on May 24, 2022, at Robb Elementary School when Salvador Rolando Ramos fired shots. This tragic incident claimed the lives of 21 people, which would include 19 children. He fatally stabbed his grandmother before shooting at Robb Elementary School. He injured several children as well as two law enforcement personnel. He was later killed in a police encounter. It was the world’s most dangerous school massacre in the United States.


Who was Salvador Rolando Ramos?

Salvador Ramos was born on May 16, 2004. He was a Uvalde resident. He attended Uvalde High School. Ramos was addicted to drugs. Ramos had a speech impediment and a powerful squeaky voice, for which he has been regularly harassed by his peers. Ramos was not interested in education. He started to work at a Wendy’s; however, he left his job recently. On his eighteenth birthday last year, he bought legally two rifles from a gunshop. Later he uploaded a photo of guns along with his wish list.


He allegedly attacked his grandma in the morning; the woman was taken by helicopter to the hospital. Ramos was wearing bulletproof vests and a rucksack. He had a handgun he got inside the school at 1:30 a.m.

Ramos allegedly shot a policeman after hearing the gunfire; the school security locked the school but he was already inside. During the incident There are nineteen people in total, including the teacher. . Two victims died shortly after arriving at Uvalde Memorial Hospital; according to the CEO of Uvalde Memorial Hospital,


Governor Greg Abbott stated that two officers were shot multiple times, however, and suffered no serious injuries.
The education department appeals to the parents to visit the school and take their children. All district and school operations were also cancelled. Shortly after the shooting, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center provided an emergency message for blood donations and helicoptered 15 units of blood to Uvalde to be used in local hospitals.
School superintendent Hal Harrell declared that the school year had ended for the area extending, along with a scheduled graduation party. The school was about to end this weekend.

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