Robyn Krauthammer is a renowned artist and modeler who has received abundant recognition across the globe for her numerous artworks. Her paintings have even been exhibited at the Washington Foxhall Gallery. Robyn’s career as an artist has spanned over three decades but prior to that, she earned a living as a lawyer.


While she is popular for being an artist, she is known to many as the wife of the award-winning columnist and commentator, Charles Krauthammer. Read on to find out all the fascinating details you need to know about her.

Robyn Krauthammer Bio

The skilled painter and modeler came to be on the 5th of September 1952; she was born in Sydney, Australia. There is a paucity of information regarding the details of her family, early years, and siblings. However, every fan of hers knows that she has dual nationality – Australian and American.

Growing up, Robyn nurtured a keen interest in everything regarding the law, regulations, and politics. As such, it wasn’t a surprise to people around her when she decided to follow her passion and became a law student at the St. Anne’s College at Oxford University. After graduating, she was employed at an international law firm in Paris, France where she began to practice. Even though she proved herself to be a fine lawyer, she was fated to have a brief stay with the firm.

Robyn Krauthammer didn’t find fulfillment with the nature of the job, so she decided to abandon the profession and pursue her love for arts. To make this happen, she first attended relevant schools where she honed her skills before putting her knowledge into practice. Records have it that she first attended the Corcoran School of Arts before proceeding to the Maryland Institute College of Art.

As the story goes, Robyn Krauthammer learned with ease and was able to perfect her skills within a short space. She then had her works decorated on the walls of various Galleries in Washington. Besides her passion for arts, it is known that Robyn loves classical music and is the co-founder and the CEO of Pro Musica Hebraica.


Facts To Know About Charles Krauthammer’s Ex-Wife

Her Net worth 

Robyn Krauthammer has excelled in her career and has worked tirelessly to attain the wealth she now enjoys. According to various reports, she’s worth as much as $2.5 million. Her major source of income is from the sales of her artworks. On the other hand, Charles, before his death, had a net worth estimated at $12 million.

Robyn Krauthammer’s Love Life 

A long time ago, Robyn Krauthammer fell in love with Charles Krauthammer who was known as an award-winning columnist and political commentator. He was also the co-founder of Pro Musica Hebraica. The love birds met for the time in the ’70s and were both students at Oxford University. As the story goes, Robyn who went to do some laundry accidentally bumped into Charles who as there already. They instantly fell in love with each other and the rest is history.

Exactly two years after their first meeting (in 1974), the couple became life partners and remained married until Charles passed on in 2018 following a battle with Cancer. One beautiful fact about the two was their ability to propel each other towards attaining their dreams. They stood united and Robyn was Charles’ biggest support during his last days.

Her Son

Robyn and Charles’ union was blessed with only one child; a son they named Daniel Krauthammer. From the look of things, they groomed their child well as he is a sensible young man doing well as a fine writer.

She Spurred Her Husband To Embrace Journalism

Initially, Charles worked as a psychiatrist but soon got tired of the job. So, his wife encouraged him to apply for the position of an editor with a magazine. He did and eventually landed the job which ultimately led to his fame.

What Is She Up To Now?

Robyn Krauthammer is still very much active in her business as a sculptor and painter. While it is hard to tell how she has been able to cope with her husband’s passing, it is obvious that she is not romantically involved with anyone yet.

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