Stacy Brewer Murder: Where Is Carl Pursley Now?

Carl Pursley is still in jail.

In 1991, the Colorado District court convicted him of killing Stacy Brewer and attempting to kill his estranged wife, Ann Pursley. With those charges, he received a sentence of 16 to 48 years in imprisonment.

On 28 June 1991, he beat 25-year-old Brewer and cut her throat in an apartment at 107 University Drive. When the police arrived at the crime scene, he sat on his 29-year-old estranged wife, who had her throat sliced. She ultimately survived. 

Stacy’s then 3-year-old daughter witnessed the entire thing. Carl also gave false statements in court. He alleged that his estranged wife killed her roommate Stacy as she was having an affair with him, and when the police came in, he was trying to keep his wife away from the knife. 

Reportedly, the roommates were smoking crack before the incident. Ann also later testified such.


Before the murder, Carl had formerly received three years in Florida prison sentence for stabbing a woman in the head. However, he served only a fraction of it. 

On 5 September of the following year, he faced two more counts, added after the verdict. Since the court found him guilty, his prison sentence doubled to 90 years. 

In 2005, Carl requested a certificate of appealability (C.O.A.) to appeal the district court’s dismissal of his 28 U.S.C. § 2254 habeas petition. Colorado Supreme Court denied him a writ of certiorari on 30 October 1995, exhausting his direct appeal rights.

Likewise, he exhausted his state collateral remedies on 6 September 2005 after filing for state post-conviction relief. 

On 8 February 2007, Circuit Judge Carlos F. Lucero granted Pursley’s motions to proceed in forma pauperis and supplement the record on appeal but denied the request for C.O.A. and dismissed his appeal.

Carl Pursley Age And Wife

Carl Pursley’s age is 54 years.

He was 24 years at the time of his conviction in 1992. 

As for Carl’s wife, she is Ann Pursley. He attempted to kill her in that 1991 incident, but she survived. At that time, her age was 29 years. Besides that, there isn’t much information available on her.

Carl Pursley Release Date

The release date of Carl Pursley is in 2082.

The court convicted and sentenced him to 90 years in federal prison for second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and two habitual criminal counts.