Netflix presented its new original film, “Girl In The Picture” which delves into the chilling true story of a young woman with a complicated and harrowing identity.


As the documentary begins with the tragic death of 20-year-old Tonya Dawn Tadlock, also known as Tonya Hughes, the story seems plainly sad and simple at first, however, it uncovers a spine-chilling story as the documentary proceeds further.

Who is Suzanne Sevakis and what does it have to do with the aforementioned Tonya Dawn Tadlock, the girl who was previously thought to have died in a hit-and-run accident in 1990, just a few days before her 21st birthday? Read till the end to find out.

Timeline of Suzanne Sevakis: The Girl Behind The Story “Girl In The Picture”

Let’s begin this story with Franklin Delano Floyd, an inhabitant of Barnesville, Georgia who is a convicted murderer, kidnapper, and rapist.

Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, he was a wanted fugitive with multiple allegations and convictions against him, including abduction, molestation, robbery, and assault.

The Netflix documentary “Girl In The Picture” begins by focusing on his relationship with Tonya Hughes, also known as Sharon Marshall. Floyd was able to convince authorities that he was her sorrowful husband, Clarence Hughes, and the biological father of their son, Michael when Hughes died in 1990.


However, it was just a matter of time before it became clear that Tonya Hughes was not the victim’s real name and that Floyd was not her biological father. It was revealed that Hughes’ given name was Sharon Marshall.

Also as described in the film, Lloyd and Marshall moved from Tampa, Florida to New Orleans in 1989 and changed their names to Clarence Hughes and Tonya Hughes. Floyd’s wife was Sharon Marshall, who is now Tonya Hughes and it was in 2014 when Marshall’s true identity was finally revealed.

It came to light that her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis, and she was the daughter of Floyd’s 1970s wife, Sandi Chipman. And at that time, Floyd used to live by the alias Brandon Williams.

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Suzanne Sevakis Was Kidnapped And Murdered

Floyd had kidnapped Sevakis as a child and raised her as his daughter before becoming his wife. Later, he vanished with Sevakis, her two sisters, and their younger brother Philip who is also known as Stevie. During this time, their mother was serving a 30-day jail sentence.

Chipman discovered two of her daughters, Alison and Amy, in the care of a local church social services group, but Suzanne and Philip remained unaccounted for.

Likewise, Suzanne Sevakis’s biological brother remained lost until 2019 when he came forward and underwent DNA testing, which confirmed that he was Philip Sevakis, the younger brother of Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

It took decades to solve a case involving kidnapping, mystery, and murder, eventually concluding that Tonya Hughes was indeed Suzanne Marie Sevakis. She endured years of abuse at the hands of Floyd before being forced to marry him in 1989.

As she died at the age of 20 after a life of trauma, abuse, and evil, what shocks the majority is Delano Floyd was never charged for her murder and is still considered a person of interest in her death.

“Girl In The Picture,” a Netflix documentary, digs deeper into Franklin Delano Floyd’s shocking crimes and the real identity of Suzanne Sevakis which will utterly shock its viewers.

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