Tarryn Thomas (born 25 March 2000) is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the North Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).


He made history in 2016 when he was voted Tasmania’s best under-16 and under-18 player at respective national championships in the same year. Thomas was drafted by North Melbourne.

Tarryn Thomas
Tarryn Thomas
Image Source: AFP Photos

Is Tarryn Thomas In A Relationship?


Amapiano ace Daliwonga and Tarryn have confirmed what Mzansi has been speculating all along – they’re in a relationship. The couple confirmed their relationship by jumping into an amapiano challenge that saw Daliwonga backing Tarryn and doing some of the things only people in love do.

Neither Daliwonga nor Tarryn has come out to confirm or deny their relationship. Who would blame them? At least, they both appear to be taking baby steps in their relationship at the moment.

And if anything should go wrong right now after they should have confirmed their relationship people would most likely criticize him and Tarryn for breaking up almost as soon as they started.


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