Following Terry Teachout”s untimely death, people are eager to learn more about his wife, Hilary Teachout, and their children. Here you can discover more about his personal life.


Terry Teachout was an author, critic, biographer, playwright, stage director, and librettist who lived in the United States.

He was The Wall Street Journal’s drama critic, Commentary’s critic-at-large, and the author of “Sightings.”

Terry has also contributed to many other newspapers and journals, including National Review and The New York Times, by writing about the arts.

Similarly, Teachout was also a co-host on Three on the Aisle, an American Theatre magazine-hosted monthly podcast about theatre in America. It took place between September 2017 and December 2021.

Sadly, he died on January 13, 2022, at a friend’s home in Smithtown, New York. He was 65 years old at the time. Terry is survived by his brother, David Teachout. 

Terry Teachout Wife Hilary Teachout And Children

Terry Teachout was married to his wife, Hilary Teachout, from 2007 until her death on March 31, 2020. 

She passed away following a double-lung transplant. 

His work life is well known, but little is known about his personal life. At this point, information about his children’s lives is kept under wraps.


However, Teachout’s father, Herbert H. “Bert” Teachout, worked as a hardware salesman, and his mother, Evelyn Teachout, worked as a receptionist and secretary.

The late author was born and raised in Sikeston, Missouri, and wrote a book called “City Limits: Memories of a Small-Town Boy” in 1991.

Disclosing Terry Teachout Net Worth 

At the time of Terry Teachout’s death, his net worth was believed to be over $1 million. His journalistic career has brought him a lot of good fortune.

Similarly, Teachout’s work as The Wall Street Journal’s drama critic means a lot to him.

Terry Teachout Death Cause: How Did He Die?

Unfortunately, no information on Terry Teachout’s death cause has been released. He sadly passed away while asleep.

Cheril Mulligan, his friend, also remarked that Terry’s death cause has not been determined.

His biographies of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, George Balanchine, and H.L. Mencken were well-known. He also composed librettos and plays.

Moreover, we’ll let you know as soon as further information becomes available.