Ouch… you’d think they’d still be in the honeymoon period, considering they’ve not even celebrated their 6th month of matrimony. But, in the celebrity world, news travels fast – especially if it’s a hot piece of gossip! And in this case, knowing the couple’s tumultuous romantic history, we’d say it’s as hot as lava!


Unlike the prenup drawn up back in 2003, before their initial plans to tie the knot (which never materialized), this time round, the couple didn’t even bother with said legal document. Maybe it’s because they have a combined net worth of over a cool 500 mil – but it sure as heck ain’t because J-Lo’s love don’t cost a thing (yep, we went there!). Truth is, while they’re both swimming in money, J-Lo’s wealth is close to three times that of Affleck’s. So it might make sense if she wanted to protect her assets …not that she’d need to gamble at an online casino to win real money, mind you!

And speaking of gambling, unfortunately, Ben’s been known to be reeled into a downward spiral of bad habits, particularly when it comes to his card-counting casino antics. He’s also admitted to struggling with alcohol addiction as well as heavy smoking – both of which JLo’s not too happy about. But, many have also argued she’s notorious for being a high-maintenance diva.

According to recent rumors, the couple has been butting heads because the R’n’B singer’s beau hasn’t seemed to change his previous irritating ways. And you know what they say about old habits…

Love is Patient, Kind… 

Tongues are a-wagging that JLo and Ben Affleck are already heading for Splitsville following three months of marriage and this comes after fans have commented that Affleck has been looking morose and glum since the honeymoon in Italy. He never looks happy and when the couple is snapped and papped out and about, he never looks at his wife, which is not a good sign.

After the pair attended a malibu Chilli Cook-off with J-Lo’s 14-year-old twins Emme and Max in mid-September, fans started speculating that things looked like they were seriously cooling off between the two.

One fan tweeted,” Why does Ben Affleck look so goddamn miserable in every photo? Mate- you got J-Lo back and married her. You’re punching way above your weight. Cheer up.” Another also commented,” He hardly ever looks at her in most of the photos we see. Not a good sign.”


An insider close to the couple has said that Jen is hoping this is just a case of post-marital blues. For the couple, reuniting after seventeen years and getting back together was such a fairytale but now that the wedding and the honeymoon period are over, settling into regular life has been tough. They are about to settle into Jennifer’s house and are currently trying to put everything together. Jen is concerned that Ben might be getting bored already and she’s just fretting to make sure he is happy to be spending time at home. She is even organizing one of her rooms to have it turned into a games room so he can hang out there with his friends.

Other reports claim that Jennifer may have oversold herself as the ideal wife seeing that she is still the workaholic Ben dated way back in 2004. Her busy schedule and hectic work life are taking a toll on their relationship. It doesn’t help that they now have five children between them and while Ben’s daughter Seraphina and JLo’s daughter Emme get on very well, the same cannot be said for their other children.

With the everyday grind and the reality of parenting, the couple seems to be at loggerheads non-stop and arguing all the time. The most apparent moot points seem to be Ben’s smoking and his messiness around the house. He doesn’t like cleaning up after himself, which annoys Jen to no end. With regards the smoking, Ben had promised Jen that he would quit but because of their arguments, he is smoking more than ever.

Ben is also a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy whilst Jen likes nothing more than to dress the part and she keeps telling him what to wear and what not to.

Reuniting After 17 years!

The couple got back together in April 2021 after Ben Affleck broke up with his former co-star Ana de Armas and JLo broke up with Alex Rodriguez. The reunion came after 17 years. J.Lo and Affleck had been previously engaged to marry in September 2003 but never made it to the altar. In 2016, Lopez blamed tabloid attention for the negative impact it had on their relationship.

“I think a different time, different thing, who knows what could’ve happened, but there was a genuine love there.”

Following Affleck’s split from J.Lo, he went on to marry actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he had three children- Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. J. Lo married singer Mark Anthony six months after separating from Affleck, with whom she had twins, Emme and Max.

The couple initially met on the set of the film Gigli way back in 2002 and despite the film tanking at the box office, the bond between the two grew strong to the point where they got engaged. The news of Affleck and Lopez getting back together in 2021 was not all that surprising to some. In May of 2021, an insider even claimed that the exes have “always loved each other” and Lopez’s friends “won’t be surprised if they end up together.”

Let’s just hope that after all the hassle of getting back together and finally getting married in July 2022 with five children between them, the two are finally mature enough to plough through the initial setbacks and give this a real go!

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