Truly, Kenya has lots of wonderful sights to behold including beautiful houses and sweet homes that will make you believe there is indeed paradise on earth. Just get ready for your eyes to be filled with wonders. Although, these houses have different geographical locations and climatic conditions, seasons offer them the same widest variety of natural wonders. So they seem to be competing against each other because it will be very hard for an onlooker to decide which one is the best, owing to the fact that each of the houses has something specifically amazing about it. Take a  good look at some of Kenya’s most luxurious houses.

This is a rare inside look at Top 25 Kenya’s Most Insanely Stupendous Luxurious Houses. Feel free to share with your friends. Of course, you don’t want to see this alone, right?

25 Photos of Kenya’s Most Extravagant House: A Rare Inside Look at House 12, Magnolia Hills

This magnificent mansion located in suburbs of Kitisuru, Nairobi, was designed and constructed in 2014, by Mehraz Ehsani, one of Kenya’s most renowned architects. Standing harmoniously amid mature trees, bamboos and tropical plants is the property – among 39 houses in the estate, surrounded by electrified wall to stand guard against intruders.

The mansion also features security lights and surveillance cameras supplementing the efforts of the guards who patrol the estate. It was specially designed to provide the flourishes of a comfortable family home as well as double for an ambassadorial house with large dinner parties.

Interior Description

Besides a triple volume lounge at the heart of the layout of this amazing piece of architecture, it is surrounded by water like a minuscule island on land, an art gallery adjacent to the dining room, a gym, a spa treatment room, a jacuzzi and fountains.

The living room is installed with a sound surround system, and floors are paved with granite and bamboo that covers 12,000 square feet.

The house boasts two kitchens (the large one for staff cooking at main events, and the other for the lady of the house to prepare their own menu for the family). There is also a library that slides away to expose the den and a dining area.

The flooring of the two kitchens is covered with black granite, aligned with glass and stainless steel fixtures and fittings including cappuccino machines, microwaves, a fridge and an oven (inbuilt into the cabinets).

Part of the designs that make the entrance to the house captivating is the pool and a waterfall with an enormous swivel mahogany door that exerts opulence to the awe-inspiring front facade; with an interior and exterior Jacuzzi.

The contemporary style mansion has six all en-suite bedrooms, with gypsum ceilings and intricate moldings to indulge your fantasy.

The mansion also has extensive balconies, two staff quarters, and a garage for three cars. To enhance security, full anti-bandit windows are installed in the lower floor while the pool acts as a mote relieving the need for burglar bars.

Also, the huge detached guest wing comes with its own private entry, kitchen and bathroom as well. Thus, it is said to accommodate 200 to 250 guests with the BBQ area setting a gathering space for them beside a unique environment for fine living.

Access to the upper floors is provided by the granite and mahogany stairs between the lounge and dining. Behind the lounge, a den and an office overlook the pool and natural vegetation from the comfort of massage chairs, a fireplace and TV atop.

For privacy, the home office/prayer room is located on the third floor, which has a balcony, overlooking the lush suburbs of Kitusuru.

The Magnolia Hills Estate

The journey of the 40 houses built in Magnolia Hills estate began way back in 2005 when the developer, Mehraz Ehsani bought 24 acres of land worth Sh2.3 million in Kitusuru, near the International School of Kenya and developed this architectural genius. Built as an American suburb, most of the houses were sold out at the conceptualisation stage when they just existed as bits and bytes on a computer.

Whereas in 1995, when it was shown to prospective clients, a unit was going for about Sh25 million but now the price is so high Mr Ehsain says it’s more sentimental than monetary – especially for House 12.

House 12 is distinctly the largest house within the community, occupying a one-acre raised garden – which further improves the privacy of inhabitants of the house away from the prying eyes of neighboring residents.

According to the architect of Iranian descent, Mr Ehsani who previously lectured on the relationship of architecture and engineering at the University of California and at the University of Nairobi for 12 years, “the designs of Magnolia Hills pay attention to the positive weather of Kenya, the beautiful greenery, the intensity of our rains and the sunny days. So we tend to go for large amounts of glass to allow special light into the buildings.”

He also said the very best building materials for the interior were purchased from China, precisely from the company that makes interiors for Mercedes.

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