American actor, Tyrese Gibson has stated that the Chinese social media platforms, Tiktok should have an age limit as grown-ups are getting out of hand.

The video platform is becoming one of the leading networks in the world and from the look of things, its wave isn’t ending anytime soon.


Tiktok popularity started after the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid19 which made people locked in their rooms hence the source of entertainment was on the app.

It has also served as one of the most effective tools for visual and music content promotion as the platform has broken out many talents due to dance challenges in the space.

Well, Tyrese has observed how people are going crazy on the platform just to spike their views and numbers but to him, he feels the platform should have an age limit.


According to him, Tiktok it’s for kids but it looks like grown-ups have decided to join and gain numbers to become influencers.

He wrote, “I’m gonna go ahead and say it cause it should be said….. TikTok needs to have an age limit, Some of y’all whole grown ups are out here looking CRAZY for views….. While your 9 year old at home like ‘Mom/Dad you’re uploading videos everyday, dancing looking crazy end ain’t made dinner in 3 weeks….. Facbook, IG and Twitter….. All of this other sh*t is fir kids.”

Source: 44Bars

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