The Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut trend is getting a lot of attention on Tiktok as people compare it with the Broccoli hairstyle.


Since the app’s release, TikTok has been the hub of the latest dancing styles, comedic as well as romantic trends, and even hairstyles for people.

Haircut styles have come and gone, but the funny haircut trends that have been showcased on TikTok have been the best videos of life.

Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut Videos

The Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut videos have been the most sensational short clips for eras.

It is popularly known as ‘Mop Top,’ a boyish hairstyle that features long hair on top and a shorter cut on the bottom.

Since the trend has first-come, it has been evolved in many forms such as wet mop haircuts, haircuts on a moped, hair looking like a mop literally, and many more.

Many Tiktokers have changed the course of the mop cut style, enhancing it into more funny videos and more.

Tiktoks have all sorts of dances, makeup looks, recipes, and even hairstyles that have circulated from the digital to real life.

Celebrities like Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, and Noah Beck have worn this hairstyle over the years.

Is Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut Related To Broccoli Hairstyle?

To be honest, the Tiktok boy wet mop haircut does look like a broccoli hairstyle, but it looks more like a mop on the head than broccoli.


The hair looks like it is a mess growing out. Though the cut appears like a vegetable or a mop, it is an old-fashioned layered form that cuts down to a much shorter length on the sides and back.

The hair texture has a major role in it too. Wave and texture are the significant essences while cutting the hair.

From bleaching the hair to directing it in the sunlight, it looks damn good with this cut.

Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut Tutorials: How To Try It At Home?

The Salon Guy hairstylist had ascribed the style ‘Tiktok Boy Wet Mop Haircut’ in a YouTube video years ago when the trend was hitting the platform.

Watch the tutorial below to try it at home but at your own risk.

The artist apparently did not use any clippers and did everything by his hands. He created a shorter to longer flow starting from back to front.

The major thing in the haircut is that it has to go from looking very clean and neat to looking very messy.

Some inch has to be lengthy throughout the sides and bottom back, blending gradually to the top.

The blending should go from 3 and a half inches to the front. The front hair should be on the bridge of the nose.

The blowdry helps to accentuate the front hair to go upwards and looks like a mess which is the actual style.

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