Was Betty Gore Pregnant When Killed By Candy Montgomery? Betty Gore was pregnant when her best friend Candy Montgomery murdered her. People are perplexed that a series based on a true crime has made its way to Hulu.


Betty Gore was murdered by her best friend, Candy Montgomery, aka Candace Wheeler. On June 13, 1980, she was brutally assaulted 41 times with a 3-foot-long ax.

Was Betty Gore Pregnant When Killed By Candy Montgomery? True Story Details

Gore was a housemaker as well as a middle-school teacher at Collin County in Texas. She was also a mother and a wife who was slaughtered because of her husband’s extramarital affair with her best friend, Candy.

Betty accused Candace of the ongoing affair between her and Betty’s husband, Allan. Candy confessed about the infidelity and to threaten her, Gore came back with an ax.

Following that, a fight insinuated between them and Betty made cuts on Montgomery with the weapon. In between the struggle, Gore told her to ‘shush’ which triggered her to become violent and kill Gore.

Was Betty Gore Pregnant When Killed By Candy Montgomery?

Betty Gore was not pregnant when Candy Montgomery killed her in a gruesome murder.

However, she had a year-old baby daughter named Bethany at her home during the incident. Neighbours found the baby crying in the crib when they came to check on Gore.

Candy and Betty’s husband Allan began their affair in 1978 and continued it until 1979. They even paused their entanglement when Mrs. Gore was heavily pregnant at seven months as reported by Style Caster.

However, after the birth of their child in July of 1979, Mr. Gore and Montgomery resumed their romance for months before completely separating in December of 1979.

Candy Montgomery murdered Betty Gore bc Betty’s husband ended their affair. Candy slashed her 41 times w/ an ax in a jealous rage, showered, left her baby alone, & immediately created an alibi.

She became a therapist & never went to prison. Sounds about white#CandyOnHulu

— Healing Is A Revolutionary Act (@UmEarth2Chelsea) May 12, 2022

Explore Candy Montgomery True Story On Wikipedia

Candy Montgomery aka Candace Wheeler and the true murder story of Betty Gore have been featured on Wikipedia as well.


Candace and her electrical engineer husband, Pat relocated to Collin County, Texas in 1977. She befriended Betty Gore after meeting her at the First United Methodist Church of Lucas.

In the summer of 1978, Candy started cheating on her partner with Betty’s husband, Allan. The two of them embarked on a fling without thinking about their respective partners.

Montgomery and Allan got out of the extramarital relationship in December of 1979. Seven months later, Allan’s wife Betty found out about their affair and confessed it to Candy.

Since Mrs. Gore was furious, she brought an ax to threaten Candace. Then, she dragged her to the utility room and when Montgomery tried to escape, she slammed her against the door.

In a rage, Betty used the ax against Candy and she suffered cuts on her toe and head. Montgomery was somehow able to take the weapon away from her but she has mentioned that she did not want to use it against Gore.

During the fight, Betty told ‘shush’ to Candy which made her remember the childhood trauma. As a result, Montgomery was triggered and she brutally assaulted Gore 41 times with the ax.

I feel so bad for Betty Gore’s Daughters, having to see & hear the popularity of this movie which so far has done nothing but victim blame and paint Betty as miserable while making a Candy a killer look sweet and innocent and just a sex deprived housewife.🤦🏾‍♀️ #CandyOnHulu

— TacaraDaSha (@TacaraDaSha) May 10, 2022

Where Is Betty Gore Murderer Candy Montgomery Today?

As of today, Betty Gore’s murderer Candy Montgomery reportedly resides in Georgia and serves as a mental health counselor.

She faced a jury in an eight-days-trial and she was even hypnotized to reveal more details about Betty Gore’s murder. Amid it, her childhood trauma also came to the surface.

Candace was acquitted of murder in October of 1980 since the defense argued that she acted in self-defense. Moreover, the psychiatrists claimed that she suffered from the dissociative reaction which led to Gore’s slaughter.

Soon after the acquittal, Montgomery moved to Georgia with her children and husband, Pat. She divorced her partner after a few years and she is serving as a mental health counselor alongside her daughter, Jenny.

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