Hank Green is reported to have been arrested for stealing a lemur from a zoo in 1996 at the age of 16. Hank is an American YouTuber, author, producer, musician, entrepreneur, and science communicator.


He is well-known for founding and presenting the instructional YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow, as well as for co-founding and hosting the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel with his older brother, novelist John Green.

Additionally, he has promoted and coordinated social activism, started and hosted a number of additional YouTube channels and podcasts, published music CDs, and gathered a sizable TikTok following.

Fact Check: Was Hank Green Arrested At Age 16?

Hank Green was reported to be arrested at the age of 16 for stealing a Lemur from the zoo in 1996. There are numerous videos about Hank being arrested for stealing a Lemur from the zoo on Tiktok.

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A video was made by Tiktokers, and they also released a newspaper from 1996. According to the newspaper that was published in 1996 it was written “Hank Green, 16, is believed to have hidden in the zoo since its closing with the intention of sneaking out of the following morning. “

The arrest of Hank Green has sparked a lot of curiosity among Tiktokers, who have made videos inquiring about it. Hank has also been asked for a comment on the arrest.

While Hank is being questioned, one Tiktok user claim that he addressed the issue in a previous Vlog Brothers video from 2007 or 2008. Following the spread of this news, many of Hank Green’s admirers are upset.

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Hank Green Wife: Who Is He Married To?


Hank Green has been married to his wife Katherine Green since 2006. They were both 19 years old when they first met, and they were both freshers.

As they were hanging up at a video store, Hank got to know Katherine. During their freshman year, they were given a dorm that was only around 10 feet apart, thus the two resided near together.

Hank and Katherine got to know one another better over this time and developed feelings of love for one another.

Katherine joins in hack games, where she plays Super Mario Bros. with Hank as well as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on her own.

Finally, in September 2006, after nearly eight years of dating, they got married. Together, they are blessed with a son they call Orin, who was born on October 31, 2016.

Hank Green Family

Hank Green was born to his parents Mike and Sydney Green in 1952 in Birmingham, Alabama. He was raised in Orlando, Florida, where his family shortly relocated.

Hank creates vlogs with his brother John Green. Hank and his older brother, novelist John Green, are well-known for creating the YouTube channel Vlogbrothers.

John Green is an American novelist, podcaster, and YouTube content producer. In addition to writing novels, Green is well recognized for his online content development, particularly his YouTube endeavors.

He and his brother Hank Green established the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel in 2007. Since then, John and Hank have started a number of web series, as well as events like Project for Awesome and VidCon.

What Is Hank Green Net Worth 2022?

Hank Green has a net worth of $ 12 million according to Celebritynetworth.

Hank Green is a founder of the well-known YouTube channel VlogBrothers and is also active in a number of other internet ventures.

Since he started the channel in 2007, he has accumulated more than 3.44 million subscribers. It stands to reason that he earns handsomely from web advertising.

Green is renowned for his liberalism in politics. He spoke with President Barack Obama in January 2015 and focused on topics like the Affordable Care Act, drone strikes, and marijuana legalization.

Green is the creator of the online video and audio production company Complexly. He also founded the environmental technology blog EcoGeek, which later became Complexly.

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