Juju Smith is an American Footballer who is not an adopted child. He is the biological son of his mother Sammy.


Juju Smith is an American footballer playing for Pittsburgh Steelers as a wide receiver in the National Football League.

Similarly, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second round of the NFL draft selection in 2017.

Smith-Schuster has made many NFL records including the youngest player in the NFL history to reach 2500 receiving yards. 

Furthermore, he is also the first player to score two offensive touchdowns of at least 97 yards. 

He was also ranked as one of the most marketable players by NFL in 2019 due to his social media following and fondness for esports.

Recently, he was known to have signed with a new agent to find a team for 2022 that can provide a higher amount than Steelers.

#Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has replaced his agent, in advance of his second straight contract season.https://t.co/fksGuByGGQ pic.twitter.com/VMKKKHwBUC

— Steelers Now (@PghSteelersNow) June 14, 2021

Was JuJu Smith Schuster Adopted?

No! Juju Smith Schuster is not an adopted child. However, he is not the biological son of Lawrence Schuster rathet, he is his step-son.

His mother had remarried to Lawrence after they were deserted by his biological father.

His father had left his mother when he was just four years old and if not for his stepfather he would have grown up without a father.


Furthermore, his stepfather had always loved him and his sister more than his own father and had made many sacrifices for them. 

According to PostGazette, he would always take the bus so that the children could use the only car in the family.

For this reason, he added his stepfather’s surname to his name officially after he turned 18 years old in order to honor his sacrifices.

JuJu Smith-Schuster – Great name even better celebration!

Miss NFL This Week?

No fear. Watch again here https://t.co/s1wWi2lOHi pic.twitter.com/VGbW0wHoIc

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) October 25, 2017

JuJu Smith Schuster Parents And Family

The parents of Juju Smith Schuster include mother Sammy Schuster and his stepfather Lawrence Schuster. 

Furthermore, his biological father never became a part of his life but Lawrence had always made him feel accepted and loved.

Similarly, he had always been supportive of his dream and helped him to participate in various sports activities from an early age.

JuJu Smith Schuster Ethnicity And Nationality

The nationality of JuJu Smith is that of an African-American and his ethnicity is that of Samoan descent.

The real name of JuJu is actually John Sherman Smith-Schuster and his nickname JuJu originated from his aunt.

Similarly, he liked his nickname a lot and all his friends and family called him JuJu so he decided to his official name to JuJu.

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