Robert Lazarik Hines is an American comedian and actor best known for portraying the character of Toby Jones in a series of viral spoof commercials popularly including “Jones’ Good-Ass BBQ and Foot Massage.”


The latest twist is that some media outlets, including Sports Illustrated, appear to believe Steph Curry’s dance music, a mock commercial jingle recorded by Hines seven years ago refers to a real Chicago business called Jones BBQ and Foot Massage.

Let’s read further about the veteran comedian.

Was Toby Jones Arrested? Toby Jones’ Wikipedia And Story

Hines has often been called Toby Jones the shining star of a commercial Internet spoof titled Jones’ Big Ass Truck Truck Rental and Storage in 2008. Big Dong Eat Child, a Chicago sketch comedy group, produced the spoof.

Ramiro Castro Jr. created the character of Toby Jones based on a sketch he wrote in 2005 of the same name. In detail, the ad featured a real web address and Hines’ phone number.

Released in November 2008, The Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage video quickly became a viral video sensation, receiving over 700,000 views in its first two weeks.

As a result, Hines received hundreds of phone calls from people worldwide, with many mistaking the advertisement for a real business.

Jones was not arrested, but the comedian had previously worked as a correctional officer at Chicago’s Cook County Jail in 1994. He was 24 years old and took that job to support himself as he was honing his skills as a comedian.


Moreover, he was enlisted in the United States Army Reserves in August 1988 and served as a Cannon Crewman, Field Artillery, for six years. However, he quit all his previous jobs in 2003 as he landed an opportunity to star in the independent comedy movie Chasing Robert.

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Robert L Hines BBQ And Foot Massage Shop Owner And Viral Spoof

As similar to his 2008’s commercial, his other infamous video Jones’ Good ASS BBQ and Foot Massage, was released in April 2009 by Big Dog Eat Child, followed by Jones’ Cheap ASS Prepaid Legal and Daycare Academy in November 2009.

All of these commercials became equally successful. Not only that, but there were subsequent releases of recordings of actual phone messages left on Toby’s voice mail, a series of “Ask Toby” advice videos, and spoofs of the “urban entrepreneur’s Legal Retraction & Clarification’ videos.

Robert Lazarik Hines was born on January 17, 1970. The comedian was raised in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Chicago Vocational High School for his primary education.

Recently, Hines is surfacing over the Internet as Steph Curry, the basketball legend, opted for a Hines-inspired dance ritual before games, also included in the current NBA Finals.

Curry and his team’s security guards were shown dancing to a little jingle repeating the line “Jones barbecue and foot massage” several times, including before the Golden State Warriors bagged seven wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference finals.

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