WATCH: Boon Lay Attack Reddit Video Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, and, Instagram: Two suspects have been taken into custody by the Singapore Police department for the Boon Lay attack case. According to the reports, the two are accused of slashing the other two men. A video was broken out on the internet of this incident in which two suspects were slashing and assaulting aggravatingly the other two men. And this incident happened last Wednesday around 5:02 PM. Now police department has come up with a fresh development in this case. To give you accurate and precise information about this case we prepared this article which is consisted of multiple sections. You need to go down the page and read all the sections of this page to get fresh development of the investigation. So scroll down the screen and start having look at the below-placed sections. Follow More Update On


Boon Lay Attack Reddit

The police department released the latest report of the investigation on 8th April 2022 Friday. According to the release, two accused have been apprehended and are being interrogated. As per the reports, two were wearing white t-shirts and navy blue shorts during the time of the altercation. The SPF (Singapore Police Force) captured the responsible day after the incident. Keep reading this article for more information about the suspects and victims.

Boon Lay Attack Reddit Video

As per the reports, two accused are aged 19 and 20. The arrest was made on Thursday afternoon after hunting them for nearly one day. The pair is accused of beating the two men brutally and using a deadly weapon. The two victims are of 22 and 23 years of age according to the reports. The SPF has not revealed the identities of the accused and victims. This feud took place in the Boon Lay Avenue parking lot. The SPF was informed of this incident through a distress call that was made by an anonymous person at 5:02 PM on Wednesday from Block 175 Boon Lay Road. Keep reading this article to get further explanation of this matter.


Boon Lay Attack Video Viral On Reddit and Twitter

The police department claimed that the two accused were captured around 4:00 PM the next day on Thursday at Woodlands Street. Police also claimed that the suspects were already known to the victims. Currently, the suspects are behind the bars and they are scheduled to face the judge on Saturday. Police charged them with two counts of aggravated attack with the intention to use a deadly weapon.

Nowadays, crimes become a serious issue in our society. A case has been seen out where two Singaporean youngsters have killed the two men by using a knife. It was shocking news. The incident happened on Friday afternoon at Block 175 Boon Lay Drive. The attacker’s age is 22 and 23. Police have arrested both of them and now they are in jail, interrogating both of them. It was not known why the attackers killed them. Maybe the old enmity, or girlfriend problem, or money problem. Whatsoever the reason is. It is not known yet.

The attackers who were trying to kill the other two men have been taken to the hospital and getting the treatment. The victims suffered multiple cuts on their heads and limbs. Also, the wounds were so deep that you can see the bones and muscles in them. Cops conducted an investigation and searched for their identities. But as of now, they didn’t get any information regarding them. If the cops will get any information regarding them, then we definitely put their names and their occupation in this article.

Now both the attackers are in the custody of the police where the cops have put the charges on them as a second degree and they are announcing the punishment of life imprisonment in jail. If somehow the two were bailed out then there is a chance that both have to face the 15 years in prison. Because both commit the crime in the broad daylight and in that if somebody tries to reach them then he/she will definitely die.

According to cops, they are saying that both will go the jail for the rest of their lives and didn’t do anything in the prison. They are imposing strict charges as much as they do. Because nowadays, crimes become a serious headache for officers. They will not tolerate any heinous and violent crimes that threaten public safety and will spare no effort to ensure are swiftly brought to justice. Criminals need to be punished. In the past, the two also have done some illegal activities where they have robbed the people, stolen the purses, and sometimes robbed the bank. Police have past records of both of them. They are searching for them for so many days and now they have finally been caught. Further developments will be shared on this web page so keep visiting this web page for more updates.

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