WATCH: Delphi Murders Youtube Video Leaked Search Warrant Request Shows New Information: The name of the killer who killed two teenagers named Abby Williams and Libby German has popped up. Police released a photo of the bridge man who is accused of killing two aforementioned teenagers. Reportedly, nearly 15 tipsters claimed the killer of Libby and Abby was Ron Logan. A video also is circulating on the internet in which a man can be seen who is allegedly said to be non-other than Ron Logan. There is still a lot more to learn about the murder of Abby and Libby in this article. So you are advised to stick with this weblog and have a look at the following divisions of this article. Kindly scroll it down and start exploring the story. Follow More Update On


Delphi Murders Youtube

The man who is spotted in the video is the killer of two teenagers who killed them on Logan’s land east of Monon High Bridge and Deer Creek. The affidavit of 17th March 2017 sheds rays on the crime scene. The killer gets blood on himself from the bodies of the victims. The affidavit also revealed that the killer also lifted a piece of cloth from the victims. It is also speculated that the killer also has some pictures of the crime scene. Fetch more about this story in the following section.


Delphi Murders Youtube Video Leaked

Two victims Abby and Libby did not seem to struggle or confront the killer. Meanwhile, the police testify two girlfriends of Logan. HIs two girlfriends described him violent and life-threatening person. According to the affidavit, Logan threatened his girlfriends to kill them. According to the source, the killer was 77 years of age when killed Abby and Libby. Despite being an old age man he had no difficulties in walking and getting up and down the hill. Keep reading this article to get more about him. Kindly shift to the further section to get more.

Delphi Murders Youtube Leaked Search Warrant

The affidavit which revealed his misdeeds against Logan was published by The Murder Sheet podcast. The affidavit indicates he lied to investigators while he was in custody. Logan died in 2020 in the month of January. The affidavit also informed that Logan also sought help from his cousin on 14th Feb 2017. He said his cousin if the police asked about him then tell the he picked up LOgan between 2 and 2:30 PM at his house and drove to an aquarium store located in Lafayette. Stay tuned to this page for more.

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