WATCH: Nigeria Sleeping With Dogs Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Reddit: For a long time, a piece of news has been trending everywhere that, few Nigerian and African women made physical relationships with dogs. This news has been spread everywhere, and netizens have been shocked after getting the news. This is very unexpecting news. The brothel prostitute, foul-mouthed roughneck political assassin, ballot robber, kidnapper, rapist, and bestiality enthusiast are produced not by society’s savagery or sexism but by society’s absence. There is no clarification that the girls featured in the viral videos of bestial sex with dogs are consequences of the breakdown in Nigeria’s family unit. Follow More Update On


Nigeria Sleeping With Dogs Video

A piece of news has been viral on social media for a few days Some Lagos videos have been viral on the internet nowadays. As per the viral video, some Nigerian and African ladies have intimacy with dogs. This video has been viral on social media very speedily. Yes! It is very shocking and unbelievable news for believable, but it is claimed that it is a very true information video. A video of a Lagos girl has been viral on the internet. Video has been viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sides too.

Nigeria Sleeping With Dogs Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

The new footage is coming amid the trend of ladies sleeping with animals for N1.5m in the Lekki area of Lagos, previously, a teenager cum self-confessed bestiality enthusiast, Veegaoddess, had come out to defend her action, insisting that she only slept with a dog and didn’t kill anybody. Actually, she explained that sleeping with the dog is not a big deal for N1.7 million, stressing that she did not think it was a big deal to have sexual relations with a dog. It is a very normal thing for her for making an intimate scene with a dog. This is not a big matter for her.


Nigeria Sleeping With Dogs Video Explained

Actually, she thinks, what is the big deal there? I only slept with the dog. I didn’t kill anybody. You in your life, you have done worse, and besides, have you seen N1.7 million before? As if it is a big deal, and mind you I am not infected or anything. Stop dying on the matter, I am enjoying the money’s she said.

After getting the thinking of Lagos girl netizens are saying Sometimes human activities present that, nothing could be greater than the money. Even a girl could lose her prosperity just for the money. Nothing is important in front of the money. It is like that, these women could carry this money with them after their demise too. They just care for the money nothing else.

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