A Democratic member of Congress and other officials were close friends with a suspected Chinese spy for many years.


According to Axios, Eric Swalwell severed all relations with Fang once the FBI informed him of the investigation. There is no proof that Swalwell knew or believed that Fang was working for Beijing, and there is no proof that Fang violated any laws through her fundraising.

What Happened Between Rep. Eric Swalwell And Christine Fang?

The revelation that Rep. Eric Swalwell was friends with Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese spy, has a certain poetic justice to it.

Swalwell was one of the most prominent defenders of the now discredited rumor that Donald Trump had colluded with Russian intelligence to manipulate the 2016 election.

But it turns out that he was aware of being groomed and supported by a suspected Chinese intelligence asset the entire time he was disseminating those lies.

Swalwell consistently claimed during the Mueller investigation that Trump not only conspired Without providing a scrap of proof, but he also claimed to have a relationship with Russia and that he was a “agent” of Russian intelligence.

Chris Matthews questioned him about if Trump was a Russian spy during an appearance on MSNBC, asking, “Like in the 1940s where you had people who were reds?” He is, in fact, working for the Russians, Swalwell retorted.

Later, it turned out to be a fabrication. Swalwell claimed to have seen evidence that the rest of us could not that Trump was a Russian agent while serving on the House Intelligence Committee, even though we now know that there was none.

It is, therefore, quite odd to hear that the congressman who accused Trump of being an agent of a hostile foreign power himself was friends with someone who was allegedly such an agent.

As part of a Chinese espionage operation to get close to burgeoning political stars, Fang started courting Swalwell when he was a councilman for the city of Dublin, California.


Rumors Of Eric Swalwell Hooked By Chinese Spy Fang Fang

Rep. Eric Swalwell is withholding information about whether he had intimacy with an alleged Chinese spy who hung out with a number of US elected figures, including him, in an effort to infiltrate the US political system.

According to an Axios report, the honeytrap, also known as Christine Fang, targeted several Bay Area Democrats, including the 40-year-old congressman.

Fang Fang came to the US in 2011 as a college student and spent the next four years courting lawmakers to gain access to confidential government information.

As of now, Swalwell has declined to talk about his relationship with Fang, and a request for comment to his office went unanswered.

In addition, when Tucker Carlson of Fox News questioned Swalwell’s office about whether the California Democrat had sex with Fang, Swalwell’s staff invoked the “classified information” line.

What Was Eric Swalwell And Christine Fang Aka Fang Fang Relation?

Swalwell was one of several politicians who reportedly hung out with alleged Chinese spy Fang Fan. The majority of them were municipal council members or mayors, according to a detailed Axios piece on Fang’s infiltration of American political circles.

After receiving Fang’s recommendation, Swalwell’s Congressional office hired an intern to aid with fundraising for the 2014 House reelection campaign.

This month, Eric Swalwell came under intense scrutiny and some harsh criticism, especially from Republicans. Even though he hasn’t been charged with any crimes, he has faced requests to leave the House intelligence committee.

Rep. Swalwell was forced to resign after it emerged that a suspected spy for the Chinese Communist Party spent years working as a well-known fundraiser for him, to the point where she had the power to hire someone for a position in his Congressional office.

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