Dan Cross, a 43 years old IT specialist, is the husband of Nicola Cross, who was brutally murdered by a knife man.


After the murder of his wife, Dan’s life turned upside down as he became a single parent to his children. His wife, Nicola, was killed when he was away for a business trip and only heard his voice of Nicole through the phone during the attack.

Danny’s life was devasted after he lost his wife that night, but now he is working with ex-Special Forces hardmen Jason Fox and Ant Middleton. Also, he set up the charity StrongMen to help others who those crimes have impacted.

Dan was also featured in the Channel 4 series, which started on Sunday night, where he pushed himself to the limit to talk about the incident alongside fellow contestants. A weekend retreat got arranged for bereaved Danny to do outdoor activities.

Who Is Dan Cross Wife Nicola? What Happened To Her?

Nicola Cross was the wife of Dan Cross, who got murdered as she was stabbed on ten occasions on 14 September 2015.

According to Dan, she was a very gentle and caring person who was loved by everyone who knew her. Also, she was the most admirable and kindest person who was defenseless during the attack where she was killed by a knife saving her two children.

In the interview with Dan, he said Nicola was a creative and amazing person and had an inner glow that radiated through her as she always smiled and loved to make other people smile.

On 12 September 2015, when Dan was out on a business trip, Nicola was savagely stabbed ten times at the woman home Hemel Hempstead home. She was stabbed to death as she tried to protect their children from an intruder.

Danny was helpless as he listened to the phone call of his wife when being stabbed to death. A crazed intruder broke into their house in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, to kidnap their children but killed his wife.


How Was Dan Cross Wife Killed And Murdered?

Dan Cross’s wife was killed and murdered as she was stabbed ten times in their family home in Hemel Hempstead.

A 37-year-old Nicole was stabbed to death by schizophrenic Marcin Porczynski as she tried to protect her children while Dan listened on the phone 200 miles away in Hull.

A murderer Marcin Proczynski sneaked into Dan’s house to kidnap the children, but Nicole trying to save their children from the murder got stabbed ten times and was killed brutally by the murderer.

During the time of the murder, the IT specialist, Dan, was away from home, where he could helplessly hear his wife’s voice during the attack.

According to Dan, the killer showed no mercy to Nicole and stabbed her on many different occasions in the entry of the woman, two toddlers youths, elderly six and three.

More About Dan Cross Kids and Family

Dan Cross, after the incident, again fell in love with Alex Wells. He got engaged to her and moved forward to get married.

Dan described his new wife as a remarkable woman and a god’s gift as she helped him overcome the trauma of Nicole’s death. According to the source, Dan also welcomed a baby girl with Alex.

Dan said in an interview that as a mental health worker, Alex helped him recover from the trauma and helped his children recover the memories of their mother by using memory boxes, a technique she learned through her work.

Moreover, Dan is now happy with Alex, and his children are delighted with Alex as she is a mental health worker who helped Dan and his children recover from that traumatic night. Also, Dan said Alex was working aa a marathon to assist charity evening with her colleagues.

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