What Happened To Jon Meis Of Seattle Pacific University? Jon Meis, a former student at Seattle Pacific University, has been lauded as a hero for putting an end to a shooting spree that left one student dead and two others injured in June 2014.


Aaron Ybarra, the gunman, was sentenced to 112 years in prison after testimonies.

What Happened To Jon Meis, considered As Hero After Ending Shooting Of Seattle Pacific University?

Jom Meis is a former student of Seattle Pacific University who remarked as a hero after he ended the gun shooting of Aron Ybarra on June 5, 2014. We don’t know where this hero is now and what is he doing.

A student security guard named Jon Meis pepper-sprayed Ybarra as he attempted to reload his rifle. Meis snatched Ybarra’s rifle and tackled him to the ground. Ybarra began rummaging through his waistband for something, which turned out to be a huge hunting knife. Meis snatched the knife from Ybarra’s grip and pinned him to the ground.

What Happened To Jon Meis Of Seattle Pacific University?
Jon Meis remarked as a hero of SPU after shooting: A hero cannot come without tragedy (source : Seattlepi)

After the shot, all the wounded victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center. Mies was treated for abrasions before being released from the medical. He hadn’t been seriously injured, thanks to God.

After the situation calmed down, he thanked everyone who has supported and loved him after he helped to end the shooting, Moreover, he requested privacy from social media.

Shooting Survivor and Hero, Shooter Aaron Ybarra Today

Aaron Ybarra, who was sentenced to 112 years in prison, named each of the victims of his June 2014 shooting at Seattle Pacific University, including the freshman who was killed, the young woman who was gravely injured, and the three students who managed to flee.

After a month-long trial, Ybarra was found guilty of premeditated first-degree murder, three charges of attempted first-degree murder, and one act of second-degree assault in November.

Choas after shooting in Seattle Pacific University by Aaron Ybarra
Choas after shooting in Seattle Pacific University by Aaron Ybarra (source : Spokesman)

Ybarra’s rage at the world caused him to go off his meds, survey the school, and return with a 12-gauge shotgun on the second-to-last day of classes, intent on killing as many people as he could, jurors heard during his trial last autumn followed by the shooted year.

Due to his lunacy, he had pled not guilty.

Freshman Paul Lee, 19, was tragically shot outside Otto Miller Hall, and 22-year-old Sarah Williams, who testified at Ybarra’s trial, was seriously wounded as she ascended a staircase inside by a shotgun blast to the chest. Shotgun pellets injured a third student.

According to seattletimes.com, Jon Meis, a school safety monitor, tackled and disarmed Ybarra by spraying him with pepper spray. Two other students assisted Williams with first aid, while another raced into classes to warn others.


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