What happened to Luni The Creator of Gacha Life? The rumors of his death and arrest seem to be growing. 


Luni the creator of Gacha life is known for creating original anime animations, music videos, and game tutorials. 

His real name is Lucas Lee and he also has a sister named Charlotte. 

The YouTuber started gaining fame after he created Gacha Studio, Gachaverse, and Gacha World anime dress-up mobile games. 

According to famousbirthdays, he is just 28 years old which makes his work even more commendable. 

Is Luni The Creator of Gacha Life Dead?

Luni, the creator of Gacha Life is not dead. 

Rumors of Luni being dead have been spreading everywhere.

With his long absence from social media, fans started worrying if he is dead which may not be the case. 

The creator may be taking a break from Youtube and Twitch and is still alive. 

To add fuel to fire, a video informing Luni is dead can be found on the internet. 


But upon opening the video, viewers can perfectly see that the person had made the video as a joke, from the descriptions.

The Youtuber who uploaded the video is Kix Soso and he had cleared that the video was only for fun purposes. 

Is Luni The Creator of Gacha Life going to Jail? 

Luni, the creator of Gacha Life was not arrested and is not going to jail.

With the false news of his death, rumors of his arrest have been going around the Gacha community for quite a while.

It is quite liable for fans to start worrying and make assumptions as the Youtuber has disappeared for over a year now. 

However, there has been no news confirming his arrest till now. 

Meet Luni on Youtube

Luni runs a Youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers. 

The Youtuber has not uploaded for  2 years but it seems his fans are still waiting for his return.

He is also available on Instagram and Twitch which is inactive as well.

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