We often hear about customers misbehaving with hotel and cafeteria staff and roll our eyes. A similar incident occurred in Manhattan, where three women were accused of vandalizing a restaurant.


This incident took place at 132 Ludlow Street restaurant around four in the morning on July 4. Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson, who appeared to be drunk at the time, began smashing the restaurant’s properties over a minor issue of additional dips costing $1.75, resulting in a major disaster.

What Happened To Victoria Baez At Bel Fries NYC?

Victoria Baez is a Bel-Air, Manhattan, New York, employee who was the victim of a recent restaurant mishap caused by three irrational women.

In particular, three women threw glass bottles and other objects at hotel staff at a Bel-Fries restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Noticias Univision 41 captured the shocking incident on video.

The victim said that the attackers spit tequila and chili sauce in her face, blurring her vision.

The owner of the restaurant said despite spending 22 years in the US and 15 years working in customer service, Baez, who is in her mid-20s, claimed that she had never encountered anything like it.

She also added I frequently bring my son with me to work. I didn’t that day. But I find it terrifying to think that he might have been there.

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Waitress Victoria Baez Assaulted By Three Women

Chef Rafael Nunez, who recorded the event on film, said, they wanted additional sauce for the potatoes, and when told it would cost $1.75, they got angry, and that’s where it all started.

The waiters clarified that it’s the restaurant policy to charge for the extra sauce, which applies to everyone, but the women did not understand.

According to Bel staff, the three women, Pearl Ozaria (27), Chitara Plasencia (25), and Tatiyanna Johnson (23) appeared to be drunk and began throwing and smashing anything in their path.

Chef Rafael reported that they smashed the cash register, the sauce pumps, and the restaurant’s computers, and stole the money. They even threatened the workers with death and were prepared to use a Taser as if all of this wasn’t enough.

It’s even worse because nobody noticed them and everyone else in the restaurant laughed at it. We can see in the video how the men in the background were cheering and encouraging those three women while simultaneously filming everything on their smartphones.

When the incident was reported to the police and they arrived at the restaurant, the women escaped, but the cops caught up with them and stopped them. According to reports, the arrests of these three women have been confirmed by the New York Police Department.

Victoria Baez Injury Update

A Bel Fries employee was hospitalized with head injuries.

According to sources, she was hit by one of the objects thrown by the women carrying out the assault. Their current charges are unknown, but they could include property destruction, among other things.

Fortunately, the victim is out of any danger. She had, however, suffered a concussion.

This is already bad news, but people around were too busy filming the scene to help the employees get out of danger, according to another employee in an interview.

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