I’m Heartbroken is a song that is currently trending on Tik Tok, and people are enjoying using it to make Tiktok videos.


Tiktok connects people through the power of content creation and sharing in the form of short videos. I’m Heartbroken is one of the songs that has been connecting many people as they pay attention to the song and make numerous videos.

I’m Heartbroken song became popular because it appears people are adding their style to the music and liking other people’s videos.

What Is Heartbroken Tiktok Song Lyrics?

TikTok is a platform with trending content, and like many catchy songs, “I’m Heartbroken” lyrics are going viral on the app.

The song’s lyrics are as follows:

I’m heartbroken, without your love

I’m heartbroken, yes I’ve had enough

I’m heartbroken

And I don’t know what to say

I’ve never felt this way


♬ Heartbroken 2022 – T2 & ARPA

The lyrics’ meaning explains the feelings of a broken person who his loved ones have hurt. The person appears disappointed by his loved ones and no longer wishes to be with his partner.

The individual appears to have lost all trust in her partner and wishes to be alone.Lyricsdbhas the full lyrics to this song.

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Heartbroken Tiktok Song Remix And Original Video

Jodie Aysha wrote the original version of “I’m Heartbroken,” which was added to the T2 Production to create this classic bassline record, and it reached number two in the UK chart.


The song was first made available on November 12, 2007. The song is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, among others. T2 is a Leeds, West Yorkshire-based British record producer.

His single “Heartbroken,” featuring Aysha, charted at No. 2 in the United Kingdom. In 2022, the BPI awarded the song Platinum status. T2 Production rewrote the song’s lyrics in late 2007 to promote Ricky Hatton’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

T2 Production is thrilled to release the song Heartbroken after discovering it to be one of the most popular songs.

Heartbroken Tiktok Song Singer And Trend

Jodie Aysha, born November 22, 1988, is an English singer-songwriter who wrote the original version of the song “I’m Heartbroken.” The singer was born in Leeds, England, and will be 34 in 2022.

There are already more than 105K videos on the sound that have received billions of views. People have been using the sound to share heartbreaking stories or moments in POV.

@oliviafzoiet Sus #fyp #swaggin #drippy #viralvideo ♬ Heartbroken 2022 – T2 & ARPA

They begin the video with something that affected them and ended it with a funny turn that indicates they don’t care about what happened. Meanwhile, some people have used sound to express their sense of humor about certain situations.

People appear to like this song because it reflects people’s heartbreak, and they may have found it fascinating; this may also be why it became popular.

The most popular sound video is by the user @diaryofabodgyal. At the time of writing, it has over a million likes and over 3000 comments.

This song has received over 265k views on YouTube after being added to Tiktok’s trending list, and the video has been uploaded toTaz Network’sYouTube channel.

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