Ophelia Nichols, a famous TikTok star with nearly seven million followers, is devastated by her son’s untimely death. Ophelia Nichols is supported by her fans, family, and friends; fans are curious about the TikTok star’s net worth.


Nichols is a diligent person who posted various content, including food reviews, fan questions, dances, and other comedic shorts, to capitalize on the Tiktok trend.

Similarly, Nichols is devastated by her son’s death, and she has apologized to her fans and the perpetrator for the harm he has caused the family. She is unable to cope with the loss of her son.

TikTok Shoelover99 Ophelia Nichols Net Worth 2022

Ophelia Nichols is worth around $50,000 based on her Tiktok posts and likes, but sponsorships, other financial assets, and wealth are unaccounted for. As a result, Ophelia is likely toamasssubstantial wealth through her other professional endeavors.

Similarly, she has a luxurious home and frequently travels to various locations focused on her content, so there are opportunities for her to have a variety of income sources, both passive and active, that support her luxurious lifestyle.

Furthermore, she has four children with her husband and meeting their expectations in terms of clothing, food, and dresses will likely cost Nichols even more. As a result, she is unlikely to be able to support her lifestyle solely through TikTok earnings. Similarly, there is a chance that several people will sponsor her videos.

She also has other social accounts and a large fan base on Instagram. Similarly, she was offered various perks for marketing products and projects in her videos, which she has yet to account for.

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Update After Sons Death

After Nichols’s son was reportedly shot and killed at a gas station on Saint Stephens Road in Prichard, Alabama, she went to Tiktok to request help.


She cried and expressed her pain by describing how her son had been killed. Ophelia’s son was just a few days away from turning 19. She has implored all her supporters to find the criminal and bring charges against her son.

The TikTok star wrote, “You will be found! You will receive what you sow in this world. You may not be caught right now, but you will be soon. I wish you’d wake up every day to see my son’s face.”

She has also made aFacebook postinforming everyone about her tragedy. The well-known TikToker who discussed her son’s passing in her video was featured in a video shared by the Twitter user @MidwestProle. So many people are speaking out for justice.

Prichard TikTok Star Ophelia Nichols Husband Derick Nichols

A Tiktok celebrity and Derick Nichols have been married for 16 years. However, the shooting on Saint Stephens Road in Prichard resulted in the death of the Nichols family’s 18-year-old son, bringing about the tragedy.

Unlike his wife, who is very active online, Derick Nichols has been secretive and hardly posts on social media. According to his Facebook, he rides motorcycles with a lot of passion. Derick has appeared in numerous posts by Mama Tot but has not yet made any of his own. Therefore, little is known about his present-day professional or personal accomplishments.

The couple is the parents of four kids. Moreover, Derick is a stepfather to the children of Ophelia’s previous marriage, to whom she has a daughter and three sons.

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