Before performing, Usher recently acknowledged singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger, who provided one of his backup vocalists and initiated the Usher-themed #SuperstarChallenge on social media.


It encourages users to sing the song’s sultry falsetto riff. The Challenge is currently popular on Tiktok, and users are continuing the pattern to display their moves in various content videos.

In the current situation, many TikTok users are creating numerous clips showcasing their dance prowess and creativity on social media. People are daring one another to showcase their talent on TikTok.

What Is the “Usher Challenge” On TikTok?

Usher continued the nostalgic theme of the musical program by performing Superstar, a track from his number-one 2004 album Confessions, backed by another taste of nostalgia.

Eric Bellinger established the mood with his on-key falsetto as Usher introduced his band and backup singers before bringing the usher Challenge from They Have The Range to an appropriate setting.

The R&B singer started the last of NPR’s Black Music Month series and his debut Tiny Desk appearance. He launched a jazzy acoustic rendition of his hit song, You Make Me Wanna, in 1997.

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The Yeah singer initiated the Usher Challenge because of the social networking arguments between R&B men since Mario and Omarion Verzuz last week.

Whether it was the way he had everyone moving to the live cover of U Don’t Have To Call or the age-old query of what he was doing at precisely 7 o’clock. The Challenge has been getting viral overTikTok.

Step By Step Process On How To Do Usher Challenge

The Tiktok Usher challenge consists of a straightforward riff. The user in their clips must sing a high note.

TikTok may be seen playing the audio track from the well-known hip-hop artist’s song, “Superstar.” They often play an intense voice note or riff in their clips.

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Between Wednesday, June 29, and Friday, July 1, the contagious fan-favorite Superstar Challenge saw a 238 percent spike, going from 111,000 to 375,000 views.

The total number of engagements forUsher‘s record increased from 4.1 million to 5.6 million, and during the most recent tracking week, his Diamond-certified album, Confessions, rejoined the Billboard 200.

Usher Challenge Song By Eric Bellinger

Usher challenge song orSuperstar songis a hip-hop track by famous American artist Usher. A total of 52 thousand likes and 5,219,323 views have been recorded for the song since it was posted to YouTube on March 15, 2010.

Eric Bellinger recently released a cover of this viral hit, which has amassed over 48 thousand views. Vocals from the song are being adored and used in the platform videos by users.

A challenge trend went widespread on Tiktok in June 2022, and this song once more became well-known. While creating the video, Tiktokers displayed a variety of techniques.

The Challenge has already received 5.2 million views. One user, @saintharison, uploaded a clip after following the trend and has already received more than 186 thousand likes.

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