Rocco Morabito, a mobster, was deported from Brazil, where he was hiding, and information about his wife and family has been percolating online ever since.


During a combined operation, Morabito, one who is dubbed the “cocaine king of Milan,” was taken into custody by Brazilian and Italian police in May of last year.

Due to his involvement in narcotics trafficking, the 55-year-old will spend 30 years in prison. The mafia boss used a false name to spend decades hiding out in South America.

In Joo Pessoa, a port city in northeastern Brazil, where the police eventually located him and had apprehended him alongside Vincenzo Pasquino. Vincenzo is another Ndrangheta mafia member. A 17-year prison term for cocaine trafficking has now been imposed on Pasquino.

Crime Boss Rocco Morabito’s Wife Paula Maria De Oliveira Correia And Daughter

The Italian mob boss has been married to his wife, Paula Maria De Oliveira Correia, for many years, but the specifics of their union and other information are still unclear.

However, it is said that the couple is parents to a daughter who, by the way, was believed to be enrolling in school in the year 2017.

JUST IN: Rocco Morabito, a fugitive drug lord with connections to the notorious ‘Ndrangheta gang, arrived in Italy on Wednesday after being extradited from Brazil, according to the interior ministry. He will serve a 30-year prison term.

Although nothing is known about Rocco’s wife and daughter, it was stated that Rocco checked into a hotel following a fight with his wife, which is how he ended up getting apprehended after eluding police for 23 years.

Investigators asserted that he checked into a room by himself after adisputewith his wife. Morabito’s wife, whose passport lists an Angolan birthplace, was also taken into custody.

According to Italian media reports, the woman said that although she was aware of her husband’s “issues with the law,” he had never fully disclosed them to her.

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Where Is His Family Now? Their Whereabouts

Rocco Morabito was listed as one of the top five most wanted organized criminals in Italy. So, the whereabouts of his family are kept a secret for security reasons.

Before his arrest, he hid his identity and traveled on a fake Brazilian passport. Where Morabito’s family resides currently is not a wwll kept secret and any information regarding them has been private since 2017.

An emotional and proud moment for police.

Rocco Morabito – one of the world’s most wanted fugitives – steps down onto the Italian tarmac to face justice after 23 years on the run.

However strong the criminal web of mafia groups is, our global police network is stronger ✊

After leaving Italy, he traveled to Brazil beforesettlingin Pocitos, Uruguay. Investigators claim that he later relocated to an opulent mansion in the upscale seaside town of Punta del Este with his family.

He was apprehended following a joint operation by Uruguayan and Italian law enforcement. It is believed that officials initially learned of his whereabouts when he signed up his daughter for a local school using his own name.

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What Is Rocco Morabito’s Net Worth In 2022?

The current state of Rocco Morabito’s fortune and net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, a police investigator claims that Morabito was able to earn 15 billion Italian lire (about 7.5 million euros) in just two months.

Morabito earned the moniker “cocaine king of Milan” due to hisinvolvementin the trafficking of cocaine from South America to Italy.

Plus, he was seen as distinct from other crime lords in those days because he could relate to the world of banks, accountants, finance, and investing firsthand.

Since authorities detected him spending 13 billion lire ($8 million) to import nearly a tonne of cocaine in October 1994 while keeping him under observation, he has been on the run.

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