George Covington is one of the most adored cast members of TLC’s reality show Too Large. He struggled with food addiction and severe weight issues for a long time.


Covington, 45, documented his weight loss journey on the first season of TLC’s Too Large, revealing that he was determined to lose weight to reclaim his ex-girlfriend Cencera.

The series follows morbidly obese people weighing more than 500 pounds as they embark on a journey to lose weight and get in shape. The show’s first season featured six such cases, including George Covington’s. When he appeared in the third episode of the season, the kind-hearted teacher weighed 680 pounds.

George has lost 200 pounds due to his strong willpower and commitment to changing his life.

Too Large Cast George Covington Weight Loss Update 2022

Covington had lost 528 pounds by June 2021, and his overall weight loss is 200 pounds and rising.

Although George has accomplished much on his weight loss journey, he is not dazzled by his success and continues to work hard on his fitness journey.

Previously, the teacher has struggled with his body image since he was a young child. George also said that he has always been big and also recalled the memories of being put on diets even in elementary and middle school, as well as preschool.

In addition, he said that no one used to call him by his name; instead, they all just referred to him as “that big guy.”

Moreover, people’s remarks made George feel insecure, so he turned to food as a coping mechanism. When his mental health began to suffer due to his isolation, he decided to change his life’s direction and contact Dr. Procter.

Where Is George Covington Today?

George is currently focusing on himself and making good progress on the fitness path. His transformation has given him newfound courage, and he routinely tweets about his daily activities on social media.


The Kindergarten teacher is back to doing what he loves, teaching, and he regularly posts photos of himself with his adorable students, like this one from Halloween 2021.

The 45-year-old man is living proof that anyone can become the best version of themselves with self-discipline and zeal for life. He is still in progress, but he hopes to make a difference in the lives of his students and others who suffer the same way he does.

Covington maintains contact with his on-screen surgeon, Dr. Procter, and the two occasionally go to basketball games together. Likewise, his love of fashion inspired him to create Fatboy Lifestyle, his plus-size clothing line.

George Covington Diet Plan And Health Status

George was on a strict diet and started working out after his surgeon gave him three months to lose 75 pounds in order to be eligible for surgery.

He was in Low Carb Vegetables For Keto Diet. Similarly, he ate a lot of fat and little carbs, and he also reduced his carbohydrate intake and replaced it with fat. He not only ate well, but he also exercised frequently. A 680-pound kindergarten teacher has lost 124 pounds thanks to bariatric surgery.

This kind-hearted teacher aimed to lose weight and get back in shape to reclaim his ex-girlfriend, as well as to be able to involve himself more with his beloved little students physically.

As a result, Covington came to the show and resolved to do whatever it took to achieve his goal of losing at least 70 pounds in three months. Over time, he not only surpassed his dream but also fell in love with himself.

Who Is George Covington’s Wife?

The kindergarten teacher mentioned that he didn’t have a wife and couldn’t go on proper dates due to immobility.

George with his ex-girlfriend Cencera ( Source : dailymail )

Covington was in a relationship with Cencera for a year before she broke up with him due to his body shape. Cencera stated in her testimonial that George’s weight was an issue in their relationship, but she did not wholly rule out the possibility of them reconciling.

She said, “George is so sweet, and I still care about him, but I think he needs to lose weight so he can go out more. Right now isn’t the right time, but no one knows what the future holds. So we’ll see what happens.”

Talking about his family, George is one of seven children. His entire family had always helped him by preparing his meals and doing the housework.

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