Dan Shaba And John Nonny, also known as The Pun Guys, are the comedic duo famous across different social media; Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook for their skits that include humor and candid puns.


It was actually music that brought this duo on the same page. John used to hear Dan’s music when he was 15 years old, and because John was also passionate about making music, he told in an interview with Spotlight On in 2017 that “rather than going head to head together with the guy (Dan) we put our heads together” referring to how he got involved with Dan.

The duo crossed paths with one another with the help of Dan’s brother, who was John’s friend in school. Dan and Johny started off by first making music together, and as they traveled to streets, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets together, they started making pun videos.

They first went viral for their “Supermarket Puns” video, which was the start of their limelight. It was probably around 2016 that they started growing large.

The Pun Guys could have dropped by your Facebook or Tik Tok feed at times where they test cooking hacks suggested by TikTok users while adding the fun of puns as they proceed with their skits.

Here, in this article, let us dive into the personal life of The Pun Guys, Dan Shaba and John Nonny, as well as their relationship with one another.

Dan Shaba Wife

Dan Shaba must like to keep his private life very private, so we cannot tell if he has a wife. It is also unknown whether he has a girlfriend, so we can’t speculate on his chances of getting married anytime soon or far.

However, the now-deserted Youtube channel of Dan contains a video titled “First World Relationship Problems: Fighting over the radio,” which was posted in 2015. We can see him with a blue-eyed girl named Amanda. Examining the video’s title, Amanda could be Dan’s love interest.

In all of the podcasts, interviews, and collaborations Dan Shaba has appeared on, he has not provided details on his present or past romantic relationship. So, it is hard to tell if his relationship noticed in 2015 has been lasting till now or not.

Dan Shaba was born on 25 March 1985, meaning he is at the age of 37 as of 2022. At the age of 37, and with a physique and personality like him, thousands on the internet are head over heels for him. But, the person Dan is head over heels for is still under the sheet, or he might haven’t found them yet.

Regardless, given his age of 37, people might assume that he is a married man. But, hey, we can’t put age-based labels over people’s willingness or readiness to get married. Until other information comes out, let us believe that Dan Shaba is still a bachelor, preferably a potential bachelor.

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John Nonny Wife

Like Dan Shaba, John Nonny also must like to maintain his private life with utter privacy, so we cannot put facts on Nonny’s wife and marital life. However, one Instagram post that Nonny posted on his account named@john_nonnygives hints about his married life.

On the Instagram post dated 9 November 2021, Nonny posted a cozy picture with a girl with the caption, “Life is blessed when you can tell wifey to quit her job & put her on the payroll,” which could mean that he is married. Fans’ comments on the post also indicate the same. The girl in the picture goes by the Instagram username@s.ydneymaurer, which is set on private.

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A post shared by John Nonny (@john_nonny)

Besides that picture, we could not find any information about Nonny’s wife. Nonny can be seen with Dan Shaba most of the time, given their collaboration on all social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, as “The Pun Guys.”

John Nonny was born on 26 April 1987, which means he is 35 years old as of 2022, two years younger than Dan. Considering the societal perspective, Nonny is already at the age of having a family. And, with his famous image of a successful Youtuber, he could have a prosperous family life. With the bit of detail that we found, let us consider he has it all.

Dan Shaba And John Nonny Relationship: Are They Brothers?

Dan Shaba And John Nonny, popularly known as “The Pun Guys,” are good brothers, friends, and professional partners.

Both the social media stars are from Canada, and both are an enthusiast when it comes to music. They have their joint social media account on all social media platforms and are doing pretty good in terms of views and engagement.

However, there are floods of comments on their videos that speculate the duo to be a couple. But, those comments are specific to what videos they post. For instance, in the Facebook video titled “How To Make A Cute Couple Keepsake,” published in 2020, the comment section is filled with such speculations. In the same video, they busted the premise by writing “a couple of best friends.” And, in other of their pun videos, fans are even jealous of the relationship they share.

From making homemade skits to outdoor pun videos to doing pranks, Dan and John are together in it all. They share quite a brotherly relationship, and their fans are happy to see their “bromance.”

Moreover, watching and listening to them in podcasts and interviews can make you smile because of the fun swag the duo brings to the table. They are instant at making ad-lib puns in such shows and can easily bust laughter in the room.

Dan Shaba And John Nonny, The Pun Guys Net Worth 2022

Dan Shaba And John Nonny are primarily active in their social media ventures, so that is their primary source of net worth if we can calculate.

OnInstagram, the duo’s page has a total of 46.8 thousand followers; onFacebook, they have 3.8 million followers; onTik Tok, their account has 874.1 thousand followers; onYoutube, they have amassed 548 thousand subscribers. Moreover, they have more than 72 million views on Youtube, 9 million likes on TikTok, and equally sizable views on Facebook.

According to Forbes, a YouTuber can earn roughly $5 for every 1,000 video views if they have the right talent. Monetizing Dan and John’s engagements, the humorous pair could be accumulating wealth in seven figures (or more). Besides their career as a Youtuber, they also make music, which also adds to their revenue. Therefore, they are likely to earn an average annual income in the millions.

Additionally, according to BBC, Mr.Beast is the highest earning content creator of 2021 and generated $54 million in revenue from 10 billion views. Though Dan and John are yet to reach that level, we can conclude that they earn pretty good by creating funny content.

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