Screw: Chicho Tche Wikipedia Explored

Chicho Tche started with the 2020 movie The Bike Thief. He then worked on some shorts before making it into one of the leading cast of crime thriller series Screw.

And in between, he appeared in the TV miniseries The North Water and a short film called Taylor.

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Chicho”sinnocent looks, rough voice, and stylish hair will surely help him make it big in the industry. 

His work is already being recognized, as he has signed on to star in Darren Rapier’s new film Sections.

Chicho Tche Age: How Old Is The Channel 4 Prison Drama Cast? 

The Channel four Prison Drama Screw cast Chicho Tche seems to be about 19 years of age.

Chicho is very fond of music. And the actor is on the verge of making it big with a band named Frozemode, which he created along with his friends Lisong and Will.

You can listen to Tche and his co’s music on Spotify and other different music-sharing platforms.

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Meet Chicho Tche Girlfriend On Instagram 


Chicho Tche has not officially confirmed his girlfriend to the media or the masses. 

There is no denying that Tche’s grunge looks and amazing hair attract a lot of girls.

But since Chicho prefers not to share anything related to his love life, we cannot speak anything about it right now. 

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In the Meantime, Chicho Tche is active on his Instagram as @chichotche. He boasts about two thousand followers on his social media.

The young actor is also on Facebook and Twitter, but he does not post frequently on those platforms.

Chicho Tche Parents Details 

There is no doubt that Chicho Tche and his parents have some sort of African connection. 

According to forebears, the surname Tche is most common in African countries such as Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

So, it is very likely that the Tche family moved to the UK in search of work. Or, they might have wanted to establish a home there.

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Aside from that, nothing much can be divulged about Chicho’s family as he has not communicated many valuable data about them.

Chicho Tche Net Worth: How Rich Is He?  

At the moment, The net worth of Chicho Tche could be somewhere around £100,000. 

As per uktalent, an average actor in the UK earns a salary of about £23,816 per year. 

Chicho, however, is a more established actor than the average. As a result, he is likely to earn more than the average wage.