Addie Manzano is the daughter of a popular Filipino actor Edu Manzano and people are wondering who her mother is.


It is quite unknown what actually has Addie Manzano been involving herself at but she is living quite a life with her loved ones.

People have been wondering about her personal life after she gained the limelight and want to know more about her parents and other details.

Who Is Addie Manzano Mother? Her Parents

Addie Manzano is the daughter of a beautiful mother and former model Rina Samson and Addie has been loved extremely by her parents.

It is clear that Addies father, Edu did not tie the knot with Rina Samson but we are confirmed that they raise their children with proper parenting.

There is not much information available regarding the mother of Addie Manzano currently but she must be living away from Edu currently.

Moreover, she must have adored and loved both her children with Edu very much but they must have got the custody to stay with their father.

How old is Addie Manzano? Her Age And Height

Addie Manzano is currently 28 years old in age and might measure around 5 feet 8 inches tall in height.

She was born Amanda Danielle Manzano on the 4th of April, 1989, and has been proudly calling herself a Filipino-American by decency.

Likewise, although she was born in a family having media influences, she decided to keep her lifestyle low profile and was not in the limelight before a few years.


Currently, she had been focusing on her passion as well as she involves herself in a few endorsements with different products as a model for them.

Edu Manzano Daughter Addie Manzano And Other Children

Addie Manzano is the daughter of popular Filipino actor Edu Manzano and along with Addie, Edu has two other children.

Edu had been in a relationship with several women as of now and he had a total of three children from all his relationships as of now.

His firstborn is popular television personality Luis Manzano, who he became a father of when he was in a marital relationship with Vilma Santos.

Likewise, Addie and her brother Enzo are born to Edu and his partner Rina and they have been very loving and caring children to him.

Meet The Boyfriend Of Addie Manzano On Instagram

Addie Manzano is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Jared Glassman and we can find their picture on her Instagram handle.

Addie is present on Instagram under the username @addie.manzano where she mostly shares her pictures of her on the vacation.

Similarly, she has been in a relationship with Jared for more than 2 years as of now and we can find them very happy together looking at their pictures.

Furthermore, both of them have been living in new york and it has been even easier for them to be with each other.

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